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Edgar Allan combines Brand StrategyResponsive Web Design, & Brand Journalism to help companies better communicate with humans who love them. We do it through the lens of story to help customers find their part in yours.

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First place got the first pint.

A brand sprint with a running start

In the dead of summer this year, we partnered with Monday Night Brewing and AIR Serenbe to conceive, brand, and then host an "art run": a non-competitive 5K through West Midtown Atlanta with no actual winners, but the awarding of a one-month artists' residency inside the Serenbe community and a cash stipend of $1,500 at the finish line. All-in, it amounted to fun morning of art, jogging, beer, and a $5K contribution to inspiration and the arts in North Georgia—a $5K, 5K. How’s that for a double entendre?

Check out Jogger.wtf

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At Edgar Allan, we work primarily with two groups of clients: enterprise and funded startups. We like the juxtaposition, because it lets us use the best of both experiences to make great things happen. How? We use our enterprise savvy to bring rigor and process to the wild-west startup world, and our DIY mentality to bring velocity and scrappiness to enterprise's layer-cake chain of command.

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