2022 Award Winner
Emory School of Nursing

Breaking the academia mold

Emory University’s Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing is one of the nation’s best, but it needed a web experience that highlighted not only its top-tier education, but the rich, personal experience that comes with it. We were hired to create a new brand and build a site that sets them apart from the higher-ed status quo: dynamic, inspiring, and personalized. A lot like studying nursing at Emory.
What we did
Brand to Build
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Helping healers find their paths

The existing site had a lot of information — mostly long strings of text and endless accordion menus. So, one of our first steps was to comb through the content, cutting, categorizing, and streamlining to create a site that was easy to navigate, with clearer pathways and more cohesive messaging. Our challenge: give a variety of audiences from students and faculty to health care partners individualized answers to the question, “Will Emory give me what I need?”.

The modern face of nursing education

To differentiate from a sea of similar, academic-flavored design, we created a dynamic, animated site designed to resonate with younger nurses-in-training and give every visitor a taste of the hands-on inspiration that radiates from Emory’s programs. To do it, we used a bold color palette and rich, representative imagery to give a snapshot of on-campus culture.

Empowering client updates

An important part of the project was building the site so the school can easily make updates, and Webflow was the perfect tool for the job. Not only can Emory edit content with ease, but we also created a handful of modular templates so the school can build out their own new pages via a CMS. We even pushed Webflow’s boundaries building what we dubbed the “mad lib” component on the programs page, and used nesting tabs to give the school ultimate control over editing user pathways.

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