2022 Award Winner
Mira Beauty

Beautiful beginnings

A startup based out of the Bay Area, Mira Beauty was founded by a group of engineers who discovered an inefficiency in the way that cosmetics are sold. Basically, Mira connects consumers who want free samples of product with the companies who are more than happy to give that product away — in exchange for some data on the people who are looking for their products.

No-code build

Mira was growing fast, and wanted to move their marketing site to Webflow so that they would be able to make any updates themselves as the company changed.
What we did
Webflow Build
It was a pleasure working with you guys. Thank you for bringing the extra firepower!
Jay Hack,
Mira Beauty

Flawless finish

We designed and built Mira’s site, implementing a no-code build in no time. For the parts of the site that necessitated a non-Webflow build, we constructed a reverse proxy that would merge the best of both worlds, effectively making the site appear to be hosted on one domain, with a little more going on than meets the eye.

More of what we do

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