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Narmi is a fintech startup that offers digital banking solutions to regional and community financial institutions and credit unions. Five years after its founding and fresh off a Series A round of funding, it was time for this company on the move to reflect an evolved version of themselves on the web. We were brought in to help from brand all the way to build.
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Brand Strategy
Content Design
Digital Design
User Experience
Webflow Build

Tailor the bank statement

At the core of Narmi’s offering is an API-driven open platform that helps these smaller to middle-market banks deliver the same kind of modern banking customer experience as the big guys. But we found that Narmi’s real differentiator is its ability to not only give financial institutions access to first-class technology, but to give strategic guidance in choosing the best tech for their needs as well.
So we fine-tuned their brand to better align with this offering and landed on a message we called “curated open banking.” This set the stage for site experience and content designed to highlight the deep functionality of Narmi’s solutions alongside the egalitarian mission, while adding a sense of sophistication that brings real cred.

Check the balance

That idea of curation also guided our approach to the content design and user experience. We started with an in-depth audit of Narmi’s existing site content and persona research, then worked to create a more intuitive information architecture.
A big part of this was revolved around balancing the density of content on each page and surfacing most-needed information, while creating consistency site-wide to make it all easier to access for busy bank managers looking to vet Narmi as a branch transformation partner.

Use it well

The final experience uses line motifs meant to represent the idea of subway maps, providing a sense of movement that speaks to the notion of open exploration, but with guidelines directing you to the right destination.
We also incorporated more product illustrations, pulling out certain elements to highlight different components and emphasize their functionality. The build came together quickly and easily using our Knockout framework for Webflow, and Narmi was ready to confidently step into their own as the fintech leaders they’ve become.

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