2022 Award Winner
Regent Hotels & Resorts

Reanimating a luxury icon

Newly acquired by IHG, Regent was a luxury hospitality pioneer that had lost its luster through acquisitions and years of brand stagnation. We were tapped to bring the hotel’s new vision to life via a swanky web experience unlike most other hoteliers’.
What we did
Brand to Build
Content Design
“Our partnership with Edgar Allan has allowed us to push not only the work but how we work as a cross-functional team.”
Marina Filiuhina, Director
UX Studio at IHG

Expect awesome, every time

Among hotels, Regent is stratosphere-level special. People needed to be able to book a room, but we knew hard-core dreaming was what potential guests clicked for. The new Regent brand is about moments of pure, personalized opulence. To honor that, we put the user in the role of actor in the stage play of the hotels’ bucket-list experiences. Lush, full-width video, subtle animated transitions, lots of space, and an understated framework and flow helped the site ooze high-quality hospitality.

A storied experience

Content strategy set the site’s narrative to follow the rise and fall of a four-act play from exposition to denouement. Rich, patently un-hotel-like copywriting added ultra-descriptive “stage directions” within which we enticed prospective guests to imagine themselves as players. Design boldly went for the dramatic.

Fast and fabulous

An ambitious timeline meant things had to come together quickly. Our design-in-the-browser methodology allowed us to make everything real — on all screens — faster. Tight storytelling ensured the experience was beautifully paced, unfolding down the page. All in all, we were able to move from a prototype to HTML toolkit to integration with IHG’s Adobe Experience Manager platform in a matter of just 6 weeks.

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