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Tate Law

Leaning into the law

Stanley Tate is an enterprising lawyer working to help borrowers overcome the struggle of paying back student loans, giving counsel and control to the large portion of the American population dealing with school debt.
What we did
Webflow Only
His honest and accessible voice is refreshing in the student loan lawyer sphere, and Tate (that’s what everybody calls him) wanted a website that would help him stand out. His scheduling process and handle on technology is far superior to the majority of his colleagues, and he needed a site that wouldn’t complicate (or distract from) his message and process.

Digging into the details

Tate knew he wanted to move his site to Webfow before we met him — drawn to the platform because of its accessible UI and the flexibility it lends — and was excited to manage his site himself. Webflow gave us the power to include integrations that made sense for Tate, like the VideoAsk asynchronous video conversations that allow users to choose their own video adventure — and find the info they’re looking for, fast.

Winning his case

Tate’s relatively simple build was designed with him in mind — sophisticated enough to deliver his content in a way that’s just as engaging as he is, but not too complicated that he wouldn’t be able to have full control over the finished product. Since launch, the simple no-code build has empowered Tate to manage updates himself, including maintaining his blog and recording answers to whichever questions he’s fielding the most.

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