2022 Award Winner

Corporatizing crypto… a little

Thesis is a cryptocurrency-related company that creates products and protocols surrounding things like blockchain security, and spending bitcoin in the real world. They’re idealists, principled, and actually make real things, which we’ve come to understand is rare in this shadowy corner of the digital economy. We entered their world to give them a brand, a voice, and a website designed to get like minds to work for and with them on their many revolutions-in-progress.
What we did
Brand Strategy
Web Design

Proudly sage punk

We conducted a 3-hour brand sprint with the Thesis crew, culminating in a brand strategy, voice, and tone that captured their intelligently anti-establishment, rigorously researched, nonconformist spirit. We call it “Sage Punk”: thoughtful and chaotic, DIY and disruptive, and a whole lot of fun to write and design for.

Launching into the void

Austere and cerebral, our work for Thesis pushed our buttons and our boundaries. And as the company grows, we expect to add to the experience, profiling new protocols and helping Thesis’s leadership spread their radical but well-researched ideology to the rest of the world.

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