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Building an intuitive gift guide

You’ve probably heard of theSkimm — a media startup that began as a daily newsletter geared towards young women. No longer just a newsletter, theSkimm needed help with their interactive holiday gift guide, and Edgar Allan stepped in to take on the no-code build.
What we did
Webflow Build

Making the list, checking it twice

There were a few technical constraints and must-haves that made theSkimm’s holiday gift guide a more complicated build than it seemed on the surface. The gift list was constantly changing, which meant there needed to be an easy way to update individual items as needed.

Prepare the gifts

There also needed to be a smart filter that visitors could interact with to show them just the items that met their ideal gift criteria, and these components had to work seamlessly within the browser.

The solution: Airtable content management with Parabola syncing everything into Webflow. For the filter, we implemented Jetboost, along with a separate library to concatenate the lists.

Wrapped up in a bow

Deceptively simple on the surface, the gift guide project ended up with a technically sophisticated build. We also built in analytics tracking so that theSkimm would have great data moving forward. The project was completed on a tight deadline, just before a busy holiday season, and was built in time to be featured in the newsletter.

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