2022 Award Winner

Big thinking in friendly chunks

Thrive is a product development and innovation strategy firm with design sensibility and critical thinking that helps big brands like Coca-Cola, GE, KitchenAid, and McDonald’s solve big problems.
What we did
Content Strategy
Our job with them for eight-plus years? Brand strategy, content strategy and writing, voice and tone creation, and overall big-brain translation: demystifying the incredible wealth of knowledge of Thrive’s researchers, strategists, and industrial engineers and sharing their insight with the world.

Brand journalism in action

A true example of brand journalism, we used some intense social listening to get to know their audiences, then created a targeted content strategy that gave them a voice in their marketplace with in-depth articles on various topics: surprising product and brand-focused insight, smart advice for leaders, and bold commentary on trend and industry for organizations just trying to do better — all with a practical, direct bent specifically for companies seeking change.

From long-form feasts to social snacks

We called the tone of our long-form, think-piece articles “geeky smart,” representing who Thrive is as a company and as super-smart individuals, and then carried it on to their social media channels as well, combining practical inspiration posts with witty takes on the unexpected connections between design and everyday life.

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