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Hooray! You should now have a pretty good understanding of how to work within a team structure in Webflow and the specific complications to look out for. But it's important to understand that none of these guidelines are set in stone; each team's unique make-up and each project's unique demands will require some fine tuning of the approach. The important thing is for all team members have a clear understanding of the approach and apply it diligently. This means definitions coming from team leadership as well as open communication between team members. These are critical in fostering team collaboration, which is what drives reduction in time and effort required to build quality products.

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That's all, folks!

Session 12 marks the end of this course, but it’s also just the beginning: You’re now equipped to work in Webflow in a team setting! We hope this improves both the pace and the quality of your work, and saves you from an untold number of headaches. But let’s keep this good thing going! We’d love to hear any feedback you have on the course, and to keep you updated of new additions. Our process is ever-evolving, and we’ll keep tweaking things based on our own findings as well as your feedback.

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