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Anything Becomes Something

Cartoon Network Anything is a content-driven App for iPhone and Android. We worked with CN to create the Brand Identity, build Dynamic Prototypes and design the Core Visual Language. Download It Here.


Cartoon Network wanted to showcase all of their animated properties at once, on a phone, and make them available anywhere, anytime. The challenge for us lay in how to create a seamless experience of smaller, bite-sized pieces of content. 

We worked with our good friends at Dreamsocket to concept, brand, and design the app, and then turned the channel's melee of animated personalities loose on the public in a way no one expected or had experienced before.


How do you brand something that’s made of 1000 wildly different, wacky elements?

You let the freak flag fly, all over the place.

Instead of creating just one logo for Cartoon Network Anything, we made dozens…and used them all. The effect is madness — a brand that’s a hundred brands at once. Perfect for a channel with 100 Technicolor personalities clashing and colliding.


Content is the star.

The app’s premise is pretty simple: a commitment-free moment or two of diversion perfect for waiting in lines, entertaining toddlers, or killing time during conference calls. The content is the star here, and the system was designed to get out of the way. It's a great example of how nobody goes to a gallery to view the frames: Our work makes it easy to get into gameplay and facilitates your next move, but otherwise, stands unassumingly in a corner.

See for yourself

Download The Cartoon Network Anything App on the iTunes store right now, and in a few minutes you’ll probably have forgotten what you had planned for the rest of the day.