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Haute Tramp

Shine Theory
in Practice

Haute Tramp is a curator of high-fashion vintage jewelry. We worked with them to define their Brand Identity, create their E-Commerce platform and punctuated it with a pallet of Photography.


Haute Tramp is an example of how the best brands are pure personality.

Haute Tramp curates, markets and sells a massive variety of bits, baubles and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces —for which we built a brand, shot high-end fashion photography, and created an e-commerce platform.


“Most people are just showing off their top layer,”

Jewelry doesn’t cover anything—at best, it’s an amplification of the person hidden underneath its glitz and glitter. The Haute Tramp customer wears her sparkle on the outside, and from that came a brand centered on visually amplifying the spirit of the jewelry lover. It applies to their wares as well; on sale alongside rings and bracelets is a treasure trove of historic information and tips for rocking these bold pieces, all from the mind of Head Maven, Alexis.


For this client, we made what is probably the baddest-ass monogram ever. It’s elegant and ballsy and rendered most often in an eye-searing, high-chroma hue we call Haute Pink.


The HT online store and blog draw from high fashion photography that mimics an epic day of dress-up.


We shot models channeling three icons of style each, suiting them up in luxurious bits and baubles on simple, jewel-toned backdrops.


Stories were written to sell each icon’s “collection”, and a whimsical tone with a large amount of quirk was created to speak HT’s language throughout, from headlines to product descriptions.