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workplace labs

Creating Return on Environment

Workplace Labs creates spaces people love to call their working home away from home. We conducted a Brand Sprint to bring their mission to market and launched their Responsive WebsiteCheck It Out.


Workplace Labs is a new kind of commercial real estate company that operates at the intersection of work and life.

They help mid-sized companies looking to upsize or change zip codes build workspaces that don’t just look nice, but create unique workplace cultures and function for employees in the specific ways they need. They came to us with a name and some seriously interesting ideas. We helped with the rest.


Filling buildings with life, not just cubicles with people.

When giant companies move offices, they hire “workplace planners” to help design their new spaces, from how many conference rooms to what kind of snacks are in the break room. Tiny companies can just ask every employee “What do you need?” when doing the same. Mid-sized organizations however, don’t get the benefit of either. Further, few workplace consultants truly go beyond setting up cubicles to actually creating culture inside companies — something that boosts worker productivity so much more than free snacks or quirky desk arrangements.


Where's your happy place?

In our Brand Sprint, we looked at Workplace Labs’ philosophy, the wants of its forward-thinking audience, and the handful of others who offer anything that comes close. We decided that what Workplace Labs does is create happy places — happy buildings that make for happy people and that crate happy companies that are happily more engaged their communities.

Happy places are an ideal for individuals, a pleasant place between profitability and sustainability for employers wanting to retain talent, and a real place for landlords and building owners — bricks and drywall filled with tenants who love to walk through the doors every day.  We built messaging around the idea, then finished things off with a friendly, curious tone of voice that stands out against the heavy corporate-speak of traditional real estate.


Brand brought it all together.

Our visual exploration brought bright color to the usually blue, red and beige world of commercial real estate and took cues from blueprints and CAD drawings. Icons played with the idea of alchemy — science plus magic — to reference Workplace Labs’ data-driven approach to creating culture. We designed business cards and wrote all web content. The culminating responsive site winds its way through friendly but familiar flow-charts explaining how the company's services work together to create spaces anyone would love to clock into.  It’s a great example of how brand can meet customer when brand sprint and responsive web come together into one, neat experience.