2023 Award Winner

The Brief

Collect, parse, and organize dozens of sites’-worth of resources into a cohesive, multi-track education experience, then build an easy-to-manage LMS to train future Lutheran leaders.

Size: 3.3 million members
Industry: Faith-Based

Facing a gap in leadership talent, The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) needed a modern, accessible way to inspire and train potential church leaders as they answered the call. The organization had the materials. EA provided the audience research, content strategy, user journeys, and build of both the educational experience and a streamlined B to C marketing site.

The Results

Content Design x 10
The ELCA had lots of resources, but they were scattered across websites and church desk drawers all over the country. We gave order to the chaos, defining four “tracks” the faithful could explore, from choosing a seminary to acting on the call to service, becoming lay clergy, and more.

Audience-led, start to finish
Detailed personas led the way on this project, offering clear guidance on everything from marketing site design to staged drip campaigns and coursework tracks..

Integrations built to evolve
Journi is comprised of a combination of technologies all integrated into Webflow so church officials could easily manage course updates, announcements, and marketing campaigns!