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The Content Design Primer

Learn how to cultivate not just a content-first but a content-always mindset and create well-researched, audience-focused content for digital experiences by working collaboratively with UX and visual designers.

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EA University: Content Design Primer

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What’s inside?

This course is comprised of five modules that will offer participants the tools to introduce a content-always mindset to their teams and use content design process to create audience-focused digital experiences.

Meet your instructor
Kenda Rainey
Kendra Rainey
Director of Brand & Content
  • 01
    Adopt a Content Design Mindset

    Worksheet: Challenge identification, goal-setting & choosing a client for this course

    45 Min Video
  • 02
    Ask the Right Questions

    Worksheet: Learning about your client, forming the right questions & prepping a content discovery

    Resources: Content discovery example & Mural template
    Bonus: How to conduct a content audit: video & content audit template
    30 Min Video
  • 03
    Do the Research

    Worksheet: Crafting great research questions

    35 Min Video
  • 04
    Apply Insight To Tell Better Stories

    Worksheet: Persona creation & how to write jobs to be done

    Resources: Persona creation template

    15 Min Video
  • 05
    Collaborate Brilliantly Across Disciplines

    Worksheet: Facilitating a collaborative process & creating page intent

    30 Min Video

Why take this course?


A digital writer or content strategist feeling a bit left out of the digital experience creation process. Your design and UX teams have said just one too many times, “Hey, I need some copy for this website. It’s all laid out; just add the words, mmkay?”


Totally outraged for you. We’ve been there, and have created a solution rooted in collaboration, great research, smart process improvements and a mindset that acknowledges that content is design and that gives writers a seat at the table to do their very best work.

Who this course is for

Anyone who is responsible for a part of the web creation process, including copywriters, UX writers and designers, content designers & digital designers.

This course will teach you how to think audience- and content-first, sell that mindset to your team, and go through a start-to-finish content design process using a project of your own choosing.

Kenda Rainey
Meet your instructor

Kendra Rainey

Kendra Rainey is Director of Brand & Content at Edgar Allan, the world’s largest brand strategy-to-no-code build agency. She's an expert storyteller, long-time educator, and has held just about every title in the content creation world from copywriter to content strategist to content designer.

Office hours with Kendra

Purchase add-on office hours with your instructor to discuss coursework, and get feedback and insight from a pro on the difficult, wonderful, sometimes infuriating work of bringing story-driven websites to life.

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