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Knockout is an end-to-end development framework that helps designers and Webflow developers accomplish more together.


Content Strategy & Creation

Introducing the Content Design Chronicles

A four-part series

Intro to Content Design

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Webflow for teams

How to create Webflow projects in a team environment.

Design & Architecture

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Retro Cards

Get better feedback and foster more meaningful team conversations.

Brand Strategy

How to Make Remote Working Work

A Five-part series

The Brand Journalist

Are you a content creator/strategist/designer (take your pick; there's a lot going on out there) in advertising, marketing, or in-house for a brand? Do you kind of hate the whole content game, but also kind of love it, and wish you knew more about how to produce great work, make your clients happy, AND keep your sanity? This is your podcast: a quick download of tips and insight for people with "content" in their job title about the delightful, frustrating, complicated work of writing words that matter for audiences and clients.
Meet the host
Kendra Rainey is Edgar Allan's Director of Brand & Content. She's an expert storyteller, long-time educator, and has held just about every title in the content creation world from copywriter to content strategist to content designer.

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We’re a brand-to-build agency helping companies have great stories and do great things. We create digital experiences, tools, and learning opportunities.

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