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It’s a Webflow party (and third-party integrations are invited)

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At Edgar Allan, we can’t talk enough about Webflow. Heck, it’s the main reason we went all in on the platform and became a dedicated Webflow agency. And while Webflow is pretty awesome all on its own as a no-code visual content management system (CMS), it also “plays well with others” — that is to say, it can accommodate a whole host of third-party integrations that both serve our clients’ needs and enhance the user experience.

How do third-party integrations work with Webflow?

Simply put, third-party integrations are apps and plug-ins that add extra functionality to a site. If you’ve ever seen a web page with a switch that allows it to be translated into several languages, used a sign-in, or even zoomed in on an embedded Google Map, you’ve interacted with a third-party integration.

Fortunately, Webflow’s CMS is extremely accommodating when it comes to adding these types of features, which our developers — and clients — love. So whether you’re still thinking about starting a Webflow build, or are ready to make the switch from WordPress to Webflow, consider this your R.S.V.P. to the Webflow party. Join us as we celebrate some of our favorite go-to third-party integrations and learn how they can transform an already-spectacular Webflow website into the life of the party.

Webflow and integrations for: Job boards

Looking to grow your team and integrate a job board on your Webflow website? This is a common request, and fortunately there’s a few great integrations that help serve up job listings and help companies take applications.

For example, our client Ghost needed a flexible solution to help their HR department meet their extensive hiring needs. So, we added a  listing of current jobs to their site through an integration with Greenhouse to show available listings. Ghost can now update all jobs in one place, and the fresh listings are automatically updated on their site. Bonus: they can now also submit applications easily and seamlessly from a CMS. We also created a lighter-weight integration for another client, Betterfly, using Lever.

The moral of this story: There might be several different integration options that could satisfy your objectives; we can talk you through the requirements, goals, and other details to ensure that your site does exactly what you need it to do.

Webflow and integrations for: Translations

As a Fortune 500, enterprise-level company, our client NCR needed their new ATM-industry site experience to function across multiple continents — and multiple languages. Here, we implemented Weglot combined with Edgar Allan’s in-house tooling, Wes, to facilitate translations.

Betterfly (mentioned above) also benefited from this integration. The revolutionary benefits provider serves audiences with different content and language needs from various places across South America and Europe, so our integration helped them account for multiple different dialects of Spanish, depending on user location.

The moral of the story:  No matter where in the world you (or they) are, we can help implement a translation solution that makes sense — literally.

Webflow and integrations for: Marketing

With its versatility across client size and industry, HubSpot is a pretty commonly used product for all things inbound marketing, sales, and customer service. The icing on the cake? Of course it integrates with Webflow!

Forms and tracking are commonly used features – turning your website into a powerful marketing engine. Our client Villatel needed a little oomph in the digital marketing department, so we used a HubSpot integration to embed forms and seamlessly connect with the tool’s robust customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

The moral: Don’t rely on manual marketing (you really don’t have to). Villatel is a curator of highly amenitized, centrally located resort communities and vacation homes. HubSpot forms give them the power to track their customers’ journeys from start to finish, from dreaming about their vacation to planning a destination, through booking and then reviewing their stay — key for any hotelier.

Webflow and integrations for: Pretty much anything else!

At the end of the day, there’s an integration for just about anything you can dream up. A few other favorites:

Need a slick way to filter search results in real-time? Our client Accel did. The VC asked us to explore a real-time type-and-search functionality to help entrepreneurs get detailed information on partners, deals, and exits. We used Jetboost to provide a rich search experience that allowed instant search across companies, people, and blog content. (It’s pretty neat; check it out.)

Need an automation solution to filter form responses (or any number of other things)? Sequoia did for their Arc outsider entrepreneur program. In this case, we used Zapier to link things up. 

Want to talk about making your website something special? Edgar Allan is a brand-to-build Webflow agency, and we’re here to help you have great stories with your customers, regardless of the complex integrations that might entail. Check out our blog to learn how working with a Webflow agency can help you make the most of your Webflow website.

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