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Why Edgar Allan is the best Webflow agency for enterprise healthcare

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Edgar Allan has a wealth of category expertise in healthcare that underpins our approach to working with clients in this sector. 

Over the past decade, we've actively collaborated with leading healthcare SaaS companies, educational institutions, and more. We’ve formed part of their teams and brought their digital experiences to life in Webflow with top-notch branding, content creation, and a suite of services tailored to meet and exceed expectations. 

Healthcare as a whole is a complex, niche, and often highly technical field with tons of learning curves that we get pretty exciting to tackle. 

We’ve learned a bunch over the years, and after creating brands, content and websites for companies working to solve all kinds of problems in the healthcare and medical worlds, we’re proud to say that we’ve cultivated a bit of a specialty in helping the companies that help humans thrive tell their stories and inform their customers.

Let’s dive a little deeper. Here are five reasons why Edgar Allan should be your on your healthcare company’s list when considering a Webflow agency:

1. A distinctive approach 

As a holistic brand-to-build agency with a focus on storytelling and user experience, Edgar Allan takes companies from start to finish without needing to hand over work to other agencies (and force you to educate yet another group about your products or industry). But of all the myriad things that differentiate Edgar Allan as a Webflow enterprise agency, it’s our approach that we’re most proud of and passionate about.

We lead with storytelling, fostering trust with healthcare consumers, and deeply engaging with your company's mission to create emotionally resonant messaging and experiences. Our focus on accessibility permeates every aspect of our work, from content design to UX, development, and beyond, ensuring inclusivity and compliance. 

2. Deep industry knowledge — and perspective

We deeply understand healthcare, from its systems and processes to the technology and terminology used. That said, we also know that healthcare tech, as a whole, is far past the point of loving the problem and waxing lyrical about how broken the healthcare system is.

Instead, we take a position that helps your company and others like it hone in on solutions to the very specific pain points experienced by both people inside the system — like practitioners and clinical staff — and the people who engage with it at the patient- and customer-levels.

Here are some of our main takeaways from working with healthcare brands: 

Ramping-up is a time killer

Nobody working in healthcare wants, or should have to, teach the agency they’re working with about their business. There simply isn’t time for it.

That’s why we’re super methodical in our approach, fact-checking everything we create, aligning with what we know and have learned, and applying our knowledge to alleviate the stress placed on our clients.

Meeting regulatory requirements is paramount

Creating content and messaging that don't make claims and is still impactful is the name of the game. Every line written should be quantified, every image designed accurate, and every page reviewed and approved by legal teams. 

We’ve learned how to walk the line between creating great content and getting it past internal legal teams, making sure that what we create is still objectively good and creates a meaningful experience for users. 

Inspiring trust is imperative

Healthcare is a particularly charged industry. The solutions you sell can literally mean the difference between life or death, physician burnout or breakthroughs, time well-spent in connection with patients or time lost to needless paperwork. Trust is important, whether your end product is a verbal brand, a visual identity, or a website.

We’re careful to always keep this in mind when partnering with any kind of healthcare tech company and build trust in every way we can through design, content, and overall messaging. 

3. The right tools and platforms

On its own, Webflow is great for healthcare SaaS companies with smaller teams who are just starting out and growing. 

There’s an unparalleled level of control Webflow affords healthcare marketing teams. It’s empowering in that it lets you change anything at any time without having to resort to employing an expensive dev shop to do it for you. 

From small content tweaks to adding collections of new pages, Webflow is incredibly accessible and lets you do it all in-house with smaller marketing teams.  

On the other hand, enterprise-level healthcare tech companies need a little more. These entities are often beholden to strict regulatory compliance laws, require data residency, and work with hosts of data. It’s for all those reasons and more that we built Wes

Wes works specifically for enterprises looking to make the move to Webflow and enjoy the control and freedom the platform offers, with the added benefits of portal creation, remote hosting, the ability to deploy large amounts of data, and much more. 

4. A combination of rigor and vigor 

Edgar Allan is a boutique agency that’s on the pulse of our industry and isn't afraid to use new technologies and solve problems. We operate at the intersection of skill, innovation, and industry knowledge. Whether working with scale-ups or multinational enterprises, our team's approach is dynamic and results-oriented. We adapt our processes to suit each client's unique needs, helping them scale, innovate, and achieve their digital goals.

When we partner with smaller organizations, we bring in our set processes for brand-to-build projects and help companies in new phases of their development reach new heights. Whether it’s building a new site from scratch, developing new branding, or assisting with launching new products or services, our team gives yours the tools they need to scale and helps you get credit for work you’ve already done.

Our approach to working with large enterprises is a little different. Instead of you forming part of our team, we form part of yours to help solve bigger problems, for example, combining a host of your websites into a singular experience, creating new sites after a big rebrand, merger, or acquisition, and much more. 

5. A broad spectrum of work

Over the last decade, we’ve partnered with some incredible teams across various industries in the healthcare space. 

We’ve worked with the likes of Fabric, INVOcell, Virta Health, Kate’s Club, and Emory University School of Nursing to bring them over to Webflow, create full brand experiences, launch new products and services, and let them truly own their digital experiences with Webflow. 

Elevating healthcare brands as a Webflow agency

Edgar Allan’s journey in healthcare spans a decade of transformative partnerships. Our unique blend of storytelling, deep industry understanding, and willingness to embrace new technology sets us apart as the ideal Webflow agency for healthcare companies.

We empower healthcare brands to thrive, creating exceptional digital experiences in Webflow with a focus on trust, compliance, and innovation.

Interested in partnering with Edgar Allan on a web design, brand, or content design project? Get in contact with us today.

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