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Edgar Allan | Case Study | Kate's Club

Kate’s Club is an Atlanta-based NPO that empowers grieving individuals with resources, counseling, and a sense of community to help process their grief and heal.

When the organization approached Edgar Allan to build an online hub to expand their Atlanta-only experience, we had no idea just how much we’d be able to help amplify Kate’s Club’s mission to grieving families all over the US.  

What started as a research project to define a digital platform for the Kate’s Club community to call home, the stakes were soon raised and our involvement became bigger — and better — than we could have imagined: A full-on digital transformation effort that required all hands on deck, became a true labor of love, and deeply impacted everyone involved.

Once we began defining the Hub experience — dubbed Kate’s Hub — it became clear that the organization could also benefit from an overhaul of their marketing website. As a result, a new Webflow site became an integral part of this now two-part project, one that we would complete in tandem with Kate’s Hub, and end up delivering one week apart. More than your typical web project, this two-part effort amounted to digital transformation that would give Kate’s Club full control of their marketing engine and community hub while also allowing them to better serve both their terrestrial Atlanta community and people across the US.

Whether we have experienced grief firsthand or not, we all know that we will share in this human experience at some point. This knowledge helped us tackle this project with grace, compassion, and unwavering empathy. 

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Truly collaborating

Near daily meetings between the client’s team and ours, shared documents, spreadsheets, tasks, processes, training, and more all came together in the end to create a Webflow website worthy of Kate’s Club’s cause.

Identifying the challenge

To start, we led a deep content discovery and research project to dive into what the Kate’s Club audience really wanted and needed.

Generally, the site needed a refresh to create a better experience for visitors, and security issues with Wordpress made this a perfect Wordpress to Webflow project.  More than just a marketing project, Kate’s Club would need a full-on technological transformation. And, with that, came the need to educate them on the new tools and technology we were providing them with. 

We helped them organize their information, define new content strategies and processes, and got our hands dirty with the client to define what was appropriate for their website vs what would be better suited for their hub.


Forging the messaging and tone

Parents, caregivers, children, teens, and professionals all form part of Kate’s Club’s audience. We delivered brand messaging in collaboration with the team at Kate’s Club that meets their audiences where they are and guides them through the process of getting the help they or a loved one need.

Putting it together

We structured everything from the wireframes to the content, digital design, and web development in a way that made sense for the paths the audiences would take on the site and easily guide them through the navigation. 

By getting into the thick of it with the client, the need for a messaging and look and feel update was agreed upon. The new Kate’s Club website is sophisticated, deceptively simple, and grabs the attention of adults looking for help for their kids while also being more appealing to donors.

Our efforts of taking Kate’s Club from WordPress to Webflow enabled them to better serve the community they hold so dear and serve them with the information they needed most in a digestible, responsive format.

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Looking forward, moving on

As we reached the end of the project, we realized just how much we’d enjoyed working with Kate’s Club and being able to deliver a project of this scale. We are exceptionally proud to have been able to collaborate as closely as we did. 

Edgar Allan delivered not only a new website and hub, but also connected deeply with Kate’s Club in a way that’s sure to impact future projects we take on.

We partnered with them to help them rethink how they approach and use digital spaces and evolve as an organization, trained them on their new hub, gave them guidance and insight, and much more. 

We’re proud that we were able to work with a client who means so much to the Atlanta community, provide them with more than what they initially asked for, and to have been involved in something that can enact meaningful change in so many lives. 

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