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From idea to experience

Brand Strategy to Webflow Build

Whether you’re starting from scratch or your story just needs a bit of a tune-up before making its debut on your new website, we’re the only experienced Webflow agency with a focus on story and the ability to create a brand strategy, visual identity, and digital experience all under one roof.

Brand to Webflow Build

Movin’ on up

WordPress to Webflow Migration

WordPress might be one of the most ubiquitous web platforms, but it’s also the one we find most brands are itching to get off. We’ve moved dozens of sites from WordPress to Webflow, and moved an equal amount of clients into the no-/low-code convert category in the process.

WordPress to Webflow

Just the pages please

Webflow Build Only

If your brand is well-defined and comes complete with a visual kit of parts, or you’ve begun building your website and just can’t seem to get it over the finish line, we can help. We partner with agencies and in-house teams to create websites quickly, faithfully to brand and design specifications, and then turn them over to you to fully own, edit, and seamlessly integrate into your marketing toolkit. 

Webflow Build Only

Be known, get found

Search Engine Optimization & Support

If Google can’t figure out what you do, it can’t tell anyone else on the web — including potential customers who might fall in love with your brand. We see SEO as a support system for great brand story and content; a way for you to get credit for the work you do and draw a map toward, and the things you sell for just the people who need them.

SEO Support

Keys to the (SEO) kingdom

Keyword Audit & Research

Your brand is unique and so are the groups of keywords you need to be targeting. As part of an SEO support system we can help guide your brand in the right direction by determining which keywords you are already ranking for, which ones you should be targeting if you aren’t already, and the ones that you should avoid. This is done through various SEO tools and methods including Goolge Analytics and competitor research. Keyword research forms the foundation of any good SEO strategy, will help guide content direction, and allow your brand’s story to be found by the correct audience.

Keyword Strategy

Eye on the prize

Keyword Rank Tracking

Once the keywords your brand will be targeting are settled on, as well as the correct SEO strategy for your brand, you will want to know where you’re ranking on Google for those keywords. Edgar Allan likes to keep a close eye on the Google rankings of our own site as well as those of our clients. With regular reporting and monitoring, wins can be celebrated and necessary changes to your brand’s SEO strategy can be made for future success.

Keyword Ranking

Every project is a content project

Content Strategy & Creation

Content design is the practice of seeing content as important an element of design as any other. It’s audience-led, derived from research, and we think makes the web a more useful place. It’s also the process by which we approach all content projects, whether the end point is core web pages, app text, or an ongoing editorial calendar full of articles. 

Content Creation

What we partner with others to do

We believe in being really great at a few things rather than kind of okay at a bunch of things. But we play well with others, and happily partner with select super-smart collaborators to get a few extras done when needed.

Marketing Automation
Media Buying
Social Media
Large-Scale Video Production
Clickbait Content
Webflow + Lottie Animations

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