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Great brands have great stories. This is ours.

We're Edgar Allan: A brand-to-build Webflow agency.

Edgar Allan has been around since 2013, founded by a handful of folks with big-agency pedigrees who thought that the top-heavy, slow-moving operating model of enterprise agencydom just didn’t work well for digital-era brands. Single-focus brand messaging and brand design agencies often don’t understand web experiences. Digital agencies tend to build sites without a foundation in brand or story. We thought, “There’s got to be a better way.” So, we built it — a story-first, content-led approach to digital design and experience creation that doesn’t just help companies tell their stories, but have great stories with their customers.

As a team, we’re happiest when we’re making stuff, breaking stuff, and then reporting to the world about our pain and successes. We’re wildly collaborative. Fully remote. Global, with home base (and leadership) primarily in Atlanta, Georgia, plus close-knit satellite teams in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Serbia; and South Africa. And our mindset is that everything we do is about empowering our clients to move from brand strategy to build faster, so big ideas can be tested in the market.

To that end, we believe a few things are true:

Brand is a club.

More a living thing than a concrete foundation, lofty umbrella, or set-in-stone DNA, a truly great brand works as a common connection point for people who think, need, or love something similarly, all wrapped around a product or service.

We help companies work with their customers to figure out what kind of club they’re building and what kind of story they’ll live with their audiences as they bring the brand into their lives.

Content is design.

Digital experiences created with UX folks, writers, and designers working in separate corners only to combine their insights near the end of the project make no sense. Literally — they’re incoherent — but we also think the process is dumb.

When you treat content as a design element however, the web becomes a better — more accessible, useful, audience-and-brand-aligned — place. And when you realize that every successful project is a content project, you understand just how important having a content-first mindset is. To make it all work, and your website as useful to your business and customers as it can be, we use research, cross-discipline collaboration, and a mandate to pull every decision through the lens of audience to create digital experiences that are both exceptionally beautiful and functional.

Websites shouldn't be locked boxes.

If you constantly lose opportunity (and sanity) because you have to go to your agency or developer to make changes to your website, we need to talk.

We make websites that start with brand messaging and brand design, and end with you having the power to edit, evolve, and respond to your market all on your own. We are also an Enterprise Webflow Agency, which means we build mostly in Webflow, a tool that gives brands incredible control over their content, site appearance, and user experience, and layer on other traditional “code” when needed. Our whole focus is to help brands be able to own and do more with their websites, and if that means working ourselves out of the job of constantly making updates to yours, we’re thrilled, you’re empowered, and your customers are the ones who truly win.

Project management is one of our most important deliverables.

It’s a science and an art, and most agencies don’t consider it part of what makes them great. We do, because we work really hard at creating processes, cultivating organization and empathy, and building tools that elevate our PMs to a vital role in client work.

Here, we’re Certified Scrum Masters and Agile gurus, but moreover we’re constantly refining the day-to-day work of running projects, solving the problems we face with custom no-code tools, and intentionally building relationships both internally and with our clients. We do it a number of different ways, but one way you can try yourself is via our Retro Cards. They’re free, fun, and super useful for figuring out what’s going right (or wrong) in your own work.

Everybody in the pool!

It's one of our favorite sayings, and for our team of UX experts, brand strategists, writers, content designers, and digital designers, it means everyone gets into collaborative mode and freely, pointedly brings their perspective to the work, usually in one shared file, asynchronously or on a zoom call. So even in technical environments, everyone plays from their strengths, but they can actually play together, rather than writers writing in a text document, UX designers working in wireframes, and designers matching things up.

When we work from our strengths, amazing things happen. Collaborative, extendable tools like Webflow give people clear areas of influence and impact on a final, multifaceted product. They allow us to leverage our team’s individual strengths to build more things and bigger, better things. And with more people in the pool, innovation happens.

Edgar Allan is an official Webflow agency partner.

Edgar Allan was selected as the first Webflow Enterprise Agency and is recognized as a top-performing Webflow Enterprise Partner. We also serve as an active advisor on future developments within the Webflow community.

We’ve been working in Webflow almost since its release, and believe in the tool as a great platform for businesses of all sizes and with all types of experience needs. As a result, we think of what we create as “Webflow plus,” empowering brands to own their websites, allowing authors to move faster using Webflow, and looking to code where necessary.

We work in Webflow, plus:

  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby on Rails

We work with business who are ready to scale their marketing.

What are Edgar Allan's services and capabilities?

We work from brand strategy to user experience (UX), content design to copywriting, design to build and beyond. Check out all the things we do, and all the other companies we’ve done them for. We also love solving problems for our industry and teaching others about how we do what we do, through courses and articles.

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