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Have great stories

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy isn’t the contents of a 100-page presentation deck; it’s everything that you do and say after the position, values, and voice are approved. We work with companies to set the foundation to have great stories with their customers rather than just tell stories. Which one sounds less one-sided to you?

We see brand as a club you join rather than a piece of architecture you build. In addition to being differentiating and strategic, a great brand should be emotionally connective, a conversation between you and your audiences, and dynamic enough to flex with what’s going on in your — and your buyers’ — world. People choose to bring brands into their lives because of how they make them feel and because of who else they’ll find in the “club” with them. You want them lining up around the block to join yours. 

Design better together

Digital Design

We believe design solves human problems better when humans work together to create it. So, we use collaborative tools and an everybody-in-the-pool mindset that puts the heads of designers, writers, strategists, UX folks, and even clients together to make the most of different talents, perspectives, and mindsets.

Working from the story and vibe of brand strategy, we begin with notional design that’s richer than mood-boards. We call them web-like objects — early looks at the way your brand will appear on-screen that help with decision-making and clear feedback. Then, things get really collaborative, as design, UX, and content work together to plan the visual flow of your site, using first-draft copy and prototyping to make sure you can see the beautiful end without letting the process get in the way.

Say the right things

Content Design

Content is design on the web, and content design is a mindset and a process dedicated to creating digital experiences that focus deeply on audience needs. It turns on research, clear and simple communication, and presenting information in just the ways your audiences want to receive it. It’s also one of our favorite things to tweet about, and you can even take our course to learn all about it.

Overall, we believe in working more than just “content-first.” Our philosophy could be quantified as more “content always.” We start nearly every project with a deep dive into audience need, want, and expectation, and then build from there — the story, the experience, the questions your site will answer, and the problems it will solve for your customers. How we do it sits at the intersection of connection and collaboration. Nobody goes to the gallery to view the frames (it’s what’s inside that completes the picture). And no digital experience is best created in silos, designers working independently of writers working independently of user experience experts. When you start putting the puzzle together intentionally on day one, the final result is so much more complete and effective.

Take control of your website

Webflow Development

We design in the browser and use Webflow specifically partly because of the velocity and versatility it gives us, and partly because of the power it gives our clients to own their marketing layers. TLDR: We make websites faster, then empower companies to make them fully theirs, letting them market confidently and dynamically without keeping us on retainer or having to come back around for updates.

Webflow is our development platform of choice, but it’s not the only thing we work in. Unlike many other Webflow agencies, we’re full-service idea-to-execution folks, with a full staff of strategists, researchers, SEO, visual identity designers, and UX specialists. We also create coded environments designed to integrate with Webflow, like Ruby on Rails and JavaScript (to name just two), and work to push the boundaries of the no- and low-code format to integrate with 3D engines, among other more complex paradigms. Have something you’re dreaming up that we haven’t specifically mentioned? Let’s talk.

Plan accordingly

Account & Project Management

Account and project management are the unsung activities of the creative world, even though they possess the power to make a project... or light it up like a flaming dumpster. That’s why we treat project management as a full-on deliverable: a focus for our research, a practice in empathy and organization, and a vehicle through which we identify process problems and build tools that fix them.

We like to say that our project management style is “Waggle” — Agile in the early stages, with brand, design, and content sprints dominating the schedule, and then more “waterfall” later on as website pages move into development. This unholy but entirely useful hybrid allows us to move quickly through creative iterations, get to wrong (and then to right) faster, and then organize production of your site in a more predictable way. We’re also huge fans of communication and use a combination of quick weekly check-ins via Zoom or phone and always-on asynchronous touchpoints via Slack to keep everyone in the know and all the moving pieces of a project on track.

What we partner with others to do

We believe in being really great at a few things rather than kind of okay at a bunch of things. But we play well with others, and happily partner with select super-smart collaborators to get a few extras done when needed.

Marketing Automation
Media Buying
Social Media
Large-Scale Video Production
Clickbait Content
Webflow + Lottie Animations

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