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How does Edgar Allan describe analytics?

Maybe it was true at some point, but a website simply isn’t something that you set and forget. We’d guess that before Webflow and other low and no-code tools, it was just too hard to make changes to a site once it was built by developers and then handed back to a company to maintain. As a result, things like analytics – collecting and analyzing data to gain insights into the performance of a website so it can be edited, added to, and improved over time – became just not all that useful. If you can’t act upon information about your website, why spend the money and time to collect it? Big companies might have had the power, but smaller ones were often locked out of a good cycle of measurement and improvement related to key metrics, such as traffic, user engagement, conversion rates, and audience demographics.

You might have guessed, but we think this is wrong (and doesn’t give companies the best use of the websites they’ve paid so much for in effort and dollars). So, we use our expertise working with multi-national companies and big brands, combined with the easy update capability of Webflow design and development to help clients of all sizes know the most about their websites and then do the most to act on that information. Through analytics, Edgar Allan can uncover valuable insight and then make data-driven decisions that lead to optimizing all kinds of stuff, from design to page flow and content strategy. We can also guide any company in building their own analytics process, and of course, train them to update their Webflow sites. 


How does Edgar Allan handle analytics for clients?

There are a lot of different tools and methodologies that we can use to start looking into a client’s website, measuring, strategizing, and then acting on analytics, but it always starts by identifying the client's specific goals and objectives. This helps us determine which metrics and data points are most relevant to collect and which methods are the best ones to use, whether that’s installing tracking pixels, pulling SEO reports, doing A/B testing, or conducting audience surveys. (There are so many other ways to collect data too.) Once the data is being gathered, however, we marry up the two halves - goals and information - to mine those key metrics and trends to uncover insights and patterns. We then make sense of the findings and translate them into actionable recommendations for improving the client's website design, content, and overall strategy. Done and done – except gathering information and executing on analytics is never done. A website is a living thing and to keep up with changing audience needs and expectations, your market, and the world, so this process of learning, strategizing, and executing never stops. 

What makes Edgar Allan’s analytics unique from other agencies’?

At Edgar Allan, analytics is not just a set of numbers, but rather a great tool to help us make meaningful and beneficial changes to our client's website design and content strategies. We use this data to make smart decisions that match what users want and expect. By knowing what's working well and what needs improvement, we can make choices that affect how users experience the site. Analytics also help us find weak spots where your website could use a little help. We look at bounce rates and conversion rates, we look at what content gets the most love from users, and review the user flow to spot the pain points users seem to experience so we can focus on making those areas better, whether that’s through refining the design, tweaking the content, or improving the layout.

Do all brands need analytics or is it only for certain brands?

Analytics is a great tool for all brands! It provides valuable insights into website performance, user behavior, and audience demographics. By understanding how users interact with the website and identifying areas for improvement, brands can make data-driven decisions to optimize their design and content strategies. Analytics helps brands stay informed, make better decisions, and stay competitive.

What are some reasons that analytics can fail?

Analytics can be unsuccessful for several reasons. One common one is a lack of clearly defined goals that align with a company’s overall business strategy, such as increasing website traffic, improving user engagement, or boosting conversion rates. Knowing the right questions to ask is essential as it provides focus and helps guide the analytics process. Analytics can fail if the data is misinterpreted. When data is misread or misunderstood, it can lead to incorrect conclusions and ineffective decisions. Additionally, analytics will only be successful if it’s used as a means to drive actionable changes. It's essential to review the data, identify trends, patterns, and areas of improvement, and then take appropriate action. 

Three benefits of having analytics

  1. It helps you make smart decisions: Analytics gives you knowledge of what's working and what's not, allowing you to make savvy decisions backed by data. This is key to guiding your business in the right direction.

  1. They force you to get to know your audience: Analytics gives you insights into who your audience is and what they like. By looking at data like demographics, user behavior, and engagement metrics, you can understand your target audience better. This helps you create content and improve your website in a way that truly connects with them and makes a lasting impression.

  1. The insight gained can improve your digital experience: With analytics, you can uncover hidden opportunities to make your website shine. By digging into metrics like bounce rates, conversion rates, and how users engage with your site, you can find areas to improve and polish your design and content.

If you're ready to establish strong and well-thought-out analytics to help guide your business into the future contact us.

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