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As a brand to build Webflow agency, brand design is something Edgar Allan does best.

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Brand design can mean a lot of different things – it’s a deceptively broad term that can cover “Hey, I’ve got a logo!” all the way up to having an exceedingly detailed library of not just visual guidelines but photographic, illustrative, and iconic elements to mix and match all over your marketing and digital stuff.  No matter how you define it, at Edgar Allan, it’s often our first step in a project — among the most important things we do for our clients.

But what is brand design? The short-ish answer: it’s the process of creating a visual representation of a brand, which typically includes elements like a logo, color scheme, and typography, but can contain a whole lot more.essential important for building a cohesive and consistent brand experience across all of a company's touchpoints. 

The goal of successful brand design is to create a consistent and recognizable visual identity for a brand, which helps to differentiate from competitors and establish a clear and unique market presence. 

This visual identity is then used across all of the brand's marketing and communication materials, from website and packaging to advertising and social media. Strong, consistent brand design does a little magic: it both differentiates and creates a seamless and cohesive brand experience, which reinforces the brand in the minds of consumers and drives business growth.

Traditionally, most standard branding agencies employ a laborious, cost-intensive brand designing and positioning process. But at Edgar Allan, we believe it’s possible to design a great brand in just a few weeks if you can get the right people in the room to ask the right questions. Do that, and you’ll start from a strong brand strategy, setting the brand’s story and tone before anyone puts pixels to paper. To take it a step further, we think our process is just better. It’s more intuitive than most, built to create a visual identity that can flex with growing product and service lines, and faster –  getting the brand out of static decks and design files and into the real world quickly via a company’s most important owned digital marketing asset: their website.

Brand design is important for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it helps create a unique and recognizable visual identity for a brand, setting it apart from competitors and helping consumers easily identify and remember it. This can be especially important in crowded and competitive markets, where consumers have many choices and may not be familiar with a brand.

Additionally, good brand design can help to communicate the values and personality of a company and can be used to create a strong emotional connection with consumers. This can help foster a sense of trust and commitment, ultimately driving brand loyalty and sales. 

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