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What’s the difference between Edgar Allan and other digital agencies?

Edgar Allan is a brand-to-build Webflow agency. We’ve been defining brand strategy, creating visual identities, and building (and breaking) stuff in Webflow since 2013. We’ve worked all over complex industries like healthcare, ecommerce, SaaS, finance, and the NFT/crypto/Web3 space. But what’s more important than what we’ve done is the why behind what we do. Our goal has remained the same from day one: To work with a technology system that’s flexible and fast, with a goal of empowering content authors to own their story — and own their marketing layer.

What kind of services does Edgar Allan offer?

From content design to Webflow development, we’ve got you covered! Despite the limitations of any physical distance, we have a close-knit community within our company that we find helps strengthen long-term team dynamics. Everyone has an opportunity to interact with everyone else at some point on any given project. Those team dynamics, in turn, help improve our work, its quality, and the speed at which we can produce it. See our services here.

Why should my company choose to work with Edgar Allan?

Selecting the right partner will either make or tank an initiative. We’re unique because we take the time to understand where you are today. We find it invaluable to work closely (virtually) alongside our client partners as we do our jobs. The idea is to let you be the subject matter expert, and for us to help articulate and amplify that perspective in digital channels.

Brand Strategy

Why should we take a step back and think about strategy before building our website?

You wouldn't film a movie without writing a script, searching for just the right actors and scouting locations. Jumping straight to design and development on a website and skipping the steps that help you determine what kind of experience it will be, how it will sound and feel, what audience needs you'll be fulfilling, and what emotions you'll be connecting with means a lot of guessing — and often results in a site that doesn't accomplish what you need it to. Maybe you've been burned by a consultant that sold you a bunch of big ideas and never executed on them. (We don't know who hurt you.) But we do promise that that won't happen here. Read more from our lead strategist Kendra on how we approach brand.

How do you conduct discovery and research?

We start each project with a brand sprint and/or content discovery workshop (depending on need). It’s a several-hour collaborative affair where we’ll ask key stakeholders and/or audience-facing subject-matter experts to contribute their thoughts to a few strategic exercises. Our goal for this session is to begin to uncover the story and message beneath your product(s) so we can build the “club” that is your brand. For content discovery, our aim is to begin to look at your offering through your audience’s eyes, and consider the jobs to be done by and for those audiences via your web presence. Both are all about digging into the problems you solve, who you solve them for, and how and why you may solve them differently than your competitors.

Further research will consist of a combination of desk research, focused interviews, and/or surveys, depending on project need, and will begin before our brand sprint and/or content discovery workshop and continue afterward.

Content Design & Creation

Do you have content creators on staff?

We sure do. Our writing team includes folks who are experienced in traditional copywriting, long and short-form content creation, content design, strategy, and web content creation, as well as researchers and SEO experts. We don't do social media or PR, but pretty much any other writing assignment is within our capabilities.

What is “information architecture” and why do we need it?

Information architecture (IA) basically boils down to content organization. Edgar Allan will map out (in a flow chart) the way that webpages relate to one another by considering the most basic structure of those pages. Think of it like building a house: Before you can start decorating and choosing paint swatches, you need to have a blueprint. The IA is the blueprint we will build the site on. Just as blueprints are important to building a sturdy house, we have found that having IA leads to a more successful end product with a solid overall direction.

Digital Design & Production

What is your current design process?

We have created a design-in-the-browser methodology because prototypes are more powerful than presentations. This allows us to take a hybrid design-and-develop approach to responsive site implementation that focuses on getting design into the browser (and ideally onto the screens of prospective stakeholders and customers) early in the process.

Why do you deliver responsive web design?

Producing a deliverable that acts pretty much like “the real thing” at all viewports speeds up understanding of the full experience, generates better feedback, and spurs dialogue between design and development.

SEO & Support

Do you do SEO?

We do! Edgar Allan offers search engine optimization (SEO) services and recommendations to our clients with the help of an on-staff SEO specialist and writer. Edgar Allan can help you take steps towards stronger rankings on Google with keyword research customized for your brand, in-depth feedback on where your site is currently ranking, where it could be ranking, and where your site is ranking in comparison to your competitors. We also empower our clients with as much SEO knowledge as possible as we work with them on building their sites and giving them brand direction.

How do I create SEO-friendly content?

Creating SEO-friendly content starts with an understanding of Google Search Essentials and the Google Helpful Content Algorithm. Once you have a basic understanding of what Google is looking for as far as the type of content is concerned, you then need to apply that understanding to your brand.

From there it’s important to do keyword research and determine what keywords would be most valuable to your brand to rank for. This is done with various SEO tools and practices. Once you have the list of keywords your brand is going to target you then create content in the form of website pages and blog posts around those keywords. Keep in mind that the content you are creating needs to be helpful to the reader; it needs to teach them something or answer a question. Don’t forget to make sure your content is in HTML; if not, then Google will not be able to read it. Remember to add Alt text to any images in your content, as images without Alt tags are not Google-friendly.

Webflow Development

Does Edgar Allan only build Webflow websites?

Well, yes and no.

Yes, in the sense that Webflow is always our platform of choice, because (among a bunch of other reasons) it allows us, and our clients, to move from idea to execution faster. It also allows brands to more easily truly own their websites, make updates, and shift strategies.

No, however, in the sense that with the addition of our expertise in hard-coded languages (like Ruby, JavaScript, and Python), Webflow’s capabilities become pretty endless.

We call the experiences we create by enhancing Webflow’s capabilities with other elements and languages a “Webflow Plus” methodology. That means if you need it, can dream it, and your audiences will respond to it, we can create it.

Can you migrate my site from WordPress to Webflow?

Yes! We help clients migrate from systems such as WordPress, Sitecore, AEM, or even customer-built CMS into Webflow. We even dedicated a whole blog post to the process that you can read here: How to migrate from WordPress to Webflow: Our process. We also offer different levels of Webflow support after your new Webflow website goes live.

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