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How Wes helps enterprise healthcare take advantage of Webflow’s versatility and ease of use

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Patient data is at the very core of operations for traditional healthcare and healthcare SaaS companies, so the stakes are high for ensuring security and regulatory adherence. Edgar Allan understands this, having worked with numerous companies in the healthcare space over the past decade.

Navigating regulatory mandates like data residency and maintaining HIPAA compliance through data protection in the healthcare SaaS landscape can seem daunting, especially for Webflow agencies that are just dipping their toes into the healthcare enterprise space. Luckily, unlike the complex mess that is the healthcare industry itself, this problem has an elegant solution. For Edgar Allan and other agencies like ours looking to work with enterprise clients in healthcare tech, that solution is Wes

We developed Wes to help Webflow agencies win enterprise clients in any sector. Wes expands on Webflow’s functionality by making it easier to achieve data residency and protect zero- and first-party data. It does a lot more than that, but we’ll get into it later. 

Wes acts as a lighthouse to help navigate healthcare tech’s complex web terrain. But first, let’s cover some of the basics:

Why Webflow is an excellent choice for healthcare SaaS companies

Webflow is great for healthcare for the same reasons it’s a good choice for any other business: It’s a versatile platform that’s easy to maintain. With it, companies can truly own their digital experience, making changes to it over time as they see fit without any hoops to jump through.

Historically, owing to security requirements and government regulations, healthcare entities have yet to be able to take advantage of Webflow as a platform and have been constrained to using older, more expensive, black-box-like systems. Not anymore. Now, they can have the best of both worlds with Wes and Webflow: data security coupled with low-code versatility and editability. 

Those reasons alone make Wes the right decision for agencies trying to sell healthcare sites on Webflow, but there are more. Trust us.

How does data residency apply to healthcare SaaS companies?

Data residency and GDPR compliance are crucial for any enterprise operating in or dealing with customer data from the EU, the EEA, China, or even California, with strict privacy laws. This includes healthcare tech companies that must adhere to HIPAA for obvious regulatory reasons and maintain patient and customer trust. 

Sound complicated? The laws can be, but luckily, the solution isn’t.

Wes enables enterprises to remotely and securely deploy data to a server of their choosing anywhere in the world. This makes it easy to remain compliant, but also gives healthcare clients immense control over their patient and customer data and where it is ultimately stored. 

How does Wes ensure first-party data protection for healthcare SaaS companies?

One of the great things about Wes is that it allows enterprises to truly own their tech stack, including the security layer. This is another selling point other Webflow agencies can (and do) use when pitching Wes and Webflow to potential enterprise clients.

Rather than hosting on Webflow itself, Wes lets clients host pages created in Webflow on their internal servers that meet their company’s internal security requirements. This feature puts many of our Webflow enterprise clients at ease when questions about data security arise during RFPs.

Doesn’t Webflow already have robust security and data protection policies?

It does. 

However, there is a trust issue that comes into play, especially when we pitch Webflow to big companies that deal with large amounts of sensitive data. We get it. Why entrust your data to a third party like Webflow when you could securely store it yourself, knowing that your servers meet your specific data security protocols (and stay on the good side of your IT department)? 

Wes gives enterprise clients optimal control over their data — even if they delete their Wes account. Wes holds on to nothing. This means we can offer enterprises all the flexibility of Webflow’s authoring and development environment with the freedom to render their site on a platform of their choosing. 

“What platforms are you talking about?” Glad you asked. 

Wes integrates with AWS, S3, Microsoft Azure, and Salesforce, with a ton more integrations in the pipeline.

What else can Wes do for healthcare SaaS companies?

Wes has many use cases across numerous industries. We haven’t even scratched the surface of its full capabilities yet. We created Wes to be a highly configurable toolkit that provides enterprises unparalleled levels of freedom and customization.

If that’s a little too broad, here’s a specific example of one of many things Webflow agencies can create for healthcare enterprises: secure portals

Wes has robust SSO capabilities and integrates with Auth0 and Okta. This is super helpful when our healthcare clients need a HIPAA-compliant option, making it possible to create secure portals that patients and customers can log into and view confidential information like hospital records, care instructions, consultation notes, and more. 

Offering Webflow enterprise clients ultimate control over data compliance

Data residency and HIPAA compliance are fundamental pillars of trust and security, especially within healthcare organizations and enterprises. These regulations can be intimidating, especially for the uninitiated and for those of us on the outside.

Fortunately, Wes offers a straightforward solution in a neat little package that we and other Webflow enterprise agencies can provide clients, use to create websites that meet their unique needs, and leverage to unlock more deals.

Are you ready to take the first step to unlocking a new level of data security and operational freedom for your clients?

Visit Wes to book a demo and find more information, including pricing, integrations, and benefits.


Looking for a more ownable, easy-to-use platform to host your company’s website — and the security, compliance, and deployment process you need? Let’s talk. 

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