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How Webflow Agencies can unlock enterprise RFPs with Wes

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Here at Edgar Allan, we’re a Webflow enterprise agency, and we built Wes to help ourselves and other agencies like us unlock enterprise deals quickly, from any appropriate RFP.

We had a specific persona in mind when building Wes: His name is Bob.

“What About” Bob is one of Edgar Allan’s more inquisitive personas. This curious guy dives into Webflow with a barrage of “what about” questions, like “What about GDPR compliance?”, “What if I prefer self-hosting?” and “What about data residency?” 

These are all valid concerns. And we love addressing them (especially now that we have Wes). However, they often create blockers when we pitch Webflow to enterprise clients.

Wes empowers teams to bypass obstacles stemming from security and compliance needs by seamlessly integrating Webflow’s full capabilities into broader systems, offering clients the best of both worlds without compromise. Here’s how you can use Wes to unlock deals with enterprise clients:

Unlocking GDPR compliance, data residency, and more

Security, data protection, and GDPR compliance are certainly concerns for every business, but for enterprise clients, these concerns are particularly critical, especially for those that operate in sectors like healthcare, education, government, finance, and venture capital.

Wes isn’t specifically GDPR compliance software, but it does enable enterprises to host websites and data securely within their user data's originating countries and address many compliance and security questions.

Making portal creation possible

When dealing with venture capital, private equity, and growth capital firms, we noticed a common request for a secure investor portal. This functionality isn’t available in Webflow, but with Wes, agencies can easily build these protected portals while leveraging Webflow’s flexibility.

Wes integrates seamlessly with Okta and Auth0, offering robust SSO and server-side authentication capabilities. This allows agencies to create portals for various enterprises, ensuring sensitive data remains secure on the client's internal server.

Opening up centralized control

A frequent issue for companies with multiple large business units lies in their website's authoring environment and their specific needs for a more layered approach to publishing and permissions. Giving just anyone in a team of 50 the ability to hit “publish” after making a change is a surefire way to induce migraines, with one mistake impacting the entire site.

Wes mitigates these issues within enterprises by allowing them to assign specific business units their own instances of a Webflow environment with exclusive change permissions. Essentially, this gates off the kinds of updates specific teams can make to a site while also bringing all the different instances together to present a single, holistic version of the site to visitors.

Simplifying data deployment

Enterprises work with a lot of data. Previously, deploying massive amounts of data within a Webflow environment was challenging, which presents a roadblock to Webflow agencies looking to win enterprise projects that include large databases of items. 

Not anymore. 

With Wes, you can create dealer portals for enterprises that house hundreds of thousands of inventory items without compromising site speed. 

Here’s a brief look at how it works:

  1. Collect a sample of the enterprise's overall data.
  2. Design the Webflow site using the sample data.
  3. Render the experience on a private server using Wes.
  4. Commit the experience to GitHub and pull the remaining data from the API.
  5. Deploy everything into the live environment.
  6. Smile about how simple it was.

Webflow Enterprise: unleashed

These are just four of the many ways Wes extends Webflow's functionality, making the previously impossible possible. From version control and change detection to per-page publishing and more, Wes empowers your agency to approach enterprise clients confidently.

Visit Wes for more information, including pricing, integrations, and benefits.


Looking for a more ownable, easy-to-use platform to host your company’s website – and the security, compliance, and deployment process you need? Let’s talk. 

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