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Meet Wes: Your Webflow Enterprise solution for data residency and more

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Data residency. GDPR compliance. First party data. If you’re working for an enterprise business in a highly regulated industry like healthcare or finance, operating out of a country where data residency is mandated, or simply managing web properties for an organization with stringent compliance and information safety requirements and want to begin building in or move your sites to Webflow, we made Wes for you.

Wes (Webflow Enterprise Solution) allows companies to combine the speed and flexibility of working in Webflow with a traditional development deployment workflow — a best-of-both-worlds proposition that lets businesses more easily control their digital experiences while complying with internal or external legal and security requirements. 

TLDR: Work in Webflow Enterprise, control deployment, and publish to anywhere you want. 

At its most basic, Wes allows you to use Webflow as your CMS but deploy to a private server. The tool then does a server-side rendering that allows you to deploy to AWS, Microsoft Azure, GitHub, or really any type of private server environment. Use it as a middle layer for authentication, as GDPR compliance software, to control the location of your data, fulfill security requirements, or achieve data residency. 

Why use Wes?

Build a brand portal (or any portal for that matter). 

Get the benefit of Webflow as an ultra-versatile authoring layer and add SSO for authentication via server-side code injection.

Achieve data residency.

Use Webflow as your CMS but deploy to a private server like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and more. 

Scale big — real big. 

Get multi-instance authoring, render in Wes, and bring big experiences together. Combine site maps, do directory rewrites, and create a seamless customer experience with a lot less hassle.

Render Webflow and images from a DAM.

Use Wes to assemble the pieces and host all your assets in a single environment.

Visit Wes for more info and schedule a demo.

More about us:

Edgar Allan is the world’s largest Webflow Enterprise partner — a digital design and brand strategy agency working with some of the biggest and most complex entities in the world to help them own their brand stories and scale their digital presences. We built Wes to give enterprise companies all the control and versatility they deserve for their websites, via Webflow.

Webflow (in case you’re unfamiliar) is the world’s most versatile development platform — an enterprise-powerful visual site builder that gives marketing organizations the ability to finally own their web presences, edit, scale, and build at the speed of commerce. 

Wes combines the peanut butter of faster, more ownable digital properties with the jelly of data security to make a delicious sandwich of a more useful web for users, marketers, and brands.

Looking for a more ownable, easy-to-use platform to host your company’s website — and the security, compliance, and deployment process you need? Let’s talk. 

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