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Edgar Allan’s ultimate guide to creating tech stacks for venture capital websites

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Edgar Allan has a ton of experience creating venture capital websites in Webflow and using the best tools available. We’ll discuss those tools in a minute, but first, there is something essential to understand: 

This blog isn’t just about how many fancy tools you have to choose from. It’s about how you use your tools that matters more.

That’s to say this: Our goal is to start a conversation around our very best techstack approach for venture capital websites, drawn from experience. Not just name-drop a list of tools with affiliate links. No filler, all killer, folks.

Let’s get into it.

Your website isn’t the most important thing you’ll launch.

Working with venture capital, growth, and private equity firms, we've encountered many different brand personalities, and each project has been an adventure. In the process, we’ve arrived at what might be a hot take considering the industry we work in: your website alone isn’t your most vital marketing tool for getting leads. 

This isn’t denying the importance of a website. But a website is just a tool in any firm’s toolbox — one that’s best utilized with a host of other things to get people to notice and engage with your firm. From brand to design, content marketing to messaging, everything you do should come together and work in tandem to meet your marketing and awareness goals.

What your website can do, however, is some heavy lifting by communicating your overall vision, story, and vibe to your audience. 

How good a job it does boils down to how future-oriented and invested in new tools your venture capital firm is. Once you know the answer to this question, you can form a guide post for the kinds of technologies you can invest in to achieve your goals and reflect your vision for your website. 

The AI of it all

When creating tech stacks for any client, one thing we’ve noticed (and have spoken about extensively) is a near-unanimous narrative out there to use as much AI as quickly as possible. While this isn't necessarily a bad approach, like with most tech stack elements, there’s a degree of human involvement that has to come into play because, as much as we’d all love a perfect solution that works at the touch of a button, it simply doesn’t exist. 

For the sake of experimentation, let’s see what good ‘ol Chat GPT has to say about tech stacks and approaches Venture Capital firms can take to utilize them. Here’s a dramatic retelling of events for you:  

Us: “We laid off all the copywriters. Chat GPT,  write me a list of the best tech stacks for venture capital websites built using Webflow.”

Chat GPT: “Certainly! 👍

Here is the list of the best tools to support your venture capital website on Webflow:

1. It is not about the best, most optimized, practical solution

2. It is about experimenting and being adventurous."

Just kidding! But now that we have your attention, it's a good time to mention that this is an original piece of content created by a human being. While tools like GPT work great for idea generation and quickly completing very rough drafts of content, the tool still needs a lot of nuance that only a human can provide.

The flashier the website, the bigger the problems? Nah.

One common misconception we’d like to put to rest is that flashy websites are challenging to create and harder to maintain. What tends to happen with this kind of thinking is that venture capital firms and the like end up with a website that doesn’t reflect their true vision and is, ultimately, dissatisfying. 

None of this needs to be the case when incorporating Webflow into your tech stack. It’s especially not true when the powers of Webflow are combined with the experience of a kick-ass and experienced team of digital specialists. 

Whether you’re looking to hire Marina Abramovic to narrate your website as users navigate through it or create a custom-made golden Vertu edition login page for your investor portal, it’s all possible with Webflow. 

This is the area under which Edgar Allan operates: getting your brand’s story told through expertly designed Webflow sites that use custom tools and code to achieve the desired result while delivering on and exceeding expectations. Once the final build is delivered, you never have to worry about the complexity of creating new pages or managing your site again. Webflow makes it so easy for you to truly own your website and enjoy the benefits of everything that comes with that kind of freedom.

The great CMS debate

Another tech stack misconception we’d like to clarify is whether you need a separate CMS client to manage and publish content to your site. While this is the case with other website-building tech, it’s not with Webflow. See, when dealing with separate content management tools, they often end up feeling cobbled together and are more challenging to maintain and manage in the long run, frustrating the hell out of marketing teams everywhere. 

Where Webflow comes in to solve this particular problem is that the CMS is built directly into the platform. What this means is that everything you need to manage, maintain, and develop your website in the future is right at the tips of your fingers. And, if, in the long run, your site becomes more content-heavy as you add more pages, Webflow has no problem publishing a lot of content faster than competitors, meaning you won't have to sit through painful publishing times whenever you upload a blog post or create a new page as your company’s offering expands.

A moral to the story: Get creative

Implementing a full tech stack can be incredibly overwhelming and complicated. As with most things in the modern world, the range of choices available can make one’s heart pitter-patter with anxiety. But it doesn’t have to. 

Instead, our advice is to get creative and embrace experimentation. Not everything is going to work for everyone, and that’s okay! As we’ve learned over the years, sometimes you need to allow for a few “explosions” to occur to find your way out of your comfort zone and create something truly beautiful you can be proud of.

In partnering with us, tools can be created that help you achieve your overall vision for your brand and site that are easy to maintain and use in the long run after our project time has come to an end. 

Edgar Allan’s list of top tech stack integrations for your venture capital website

Let it not be said that we’re not true to our word. Take a look at some of our favorite tools to incorporate into venture capital website tech stacks and figure out how best you can use them within your own.

1. Plausible is a lightweight and privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics. It's great if you are looking for something simpler than Google Analytics 4. It's also more privacy focused and has a modern and sleek UI. Check out this review for it if you are interested in learning more.

2. Bing Clarity is a free-to-use analytics product designed to help webmasters improve users' website experiences by understanding visitors' behavior.

3. Substack provides publishing, payment, analytics, and design infrastructure to support subscription newsletters. It also allows writers to send digital newsletters directly to subscribers.

4. Beehive is a newsletter growth platform that offers world-class newsletters and helps you create powerful emails. They claim to be a writing experience unlike anything you've ever experienced.

5. Linear allows you to create tasks in seconds, discuss issues in context, and breeze through work in views tailored to you and your team. It's not counted among the most popular platforms but those who use it love it.

6. Tailor-made Edgar Allan apps. Yes, you heard that right — we can build apps for venture capital websites. Get in contact with us to learn more about it.

7. Slack is Edgar Allan’s favored platform to communicate with our clients as well as our internal teams.

8. Calendly is great to schedule, prepare and follow up on external meetings.

The end of the beginning

Crafting the perfect tech stack for VC websites is more than just a technical task; it's an adventure that challenges conventions, embraces experimentation, and celebrates venture capitalists' unique visions.

And, if there’s one thing we’ve learned after working with 11 VCs in 2023, it’s how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Because, when all’s said and done, we’ve created some truly incredible experiences for our clients in venture capital, growth, and private equity, and for their audiences, ones through which they can continue to grow and experiment long after our contract ends. 

Interested in partnering with Edgar Allan on a web design, brand, or content design project? Get in contact with us today.

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