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What is Webflow? A personal perspective from inside a webflow agency

Edgar Allan | What is Webflow?

Webflow is a visual development tool and content management system that helps make your website real faster. Its visual nature makes responsive web design a whole lot more intuitive; at the same time, Webflow also provides the flexibility to fairly quickly design a robust site coded from scratch or with Webflow templates, if you choose.

At Edgar Allan, we adopted Webflow nearly a decade ago as a means to close the distance between project idea and execution, design and development. Webflow makes us better, allows us to collaborate better and more often as a cross-discipline team, and shortens our site development cycles — which ultimately lowers overall investment costs for our clients.

At its core, Webflow is a low-code visual development platform that offers a way to build sites that’s more accessible to everyone — even non-technical folks. But better than that, Webflow allows us to have that common meeting place where our team and clients can own their strengths. Using the platform means malleability for designers and content designers to craft and edit the user experience, while at the same time empowering developers to handle high-value, high-challenge, third-party integrations and authentications.

But chances are, if you’re reading this, you might not neatly fall into one of those roles, or live in the Webflow agency world like Edgar Allan.

So, what is Webflow – to you?

Say you’re a marketing manager for an enterprise-level organization (and as a top Webflow agency, we’ve been privileged to build Webflow sites for some of the best – Accel, IHG, and NCR, to name a few). Your in-house marketing team is in the throes of pitching a massive digital experience redesign when someone mentions “Webflow.” So you start down the rabbit hole of Internet- (and coffee-) fueled research…

Don’t worry; we’ve compiled the good stuff for you:

  1. Webflow is empowering from day one. Build (or copy over) a component library in a few hours, use a cloneable (like ours, Knockout) to get a jumpstart, or integrate with Figma to port over your design, and you’re off to the races.

  2. Webflow allows you to see your site come alive as it’s being designed and developed, rather than enduring waits and handoffs to developers to see progress (and see if your design looks and works the way it should).
  1. Webflow allows you to create more complex designs than typically would be possible using other platforms like WordPress.

  2. Webflow is more customizable than other website tools, and development times are abbreviated.

  3. Webflow gives you the near-instant gratification of knowing you actually can manage your live site yourself.

Ready to get started with Webflow?

The reality is that you probably could put in the time, energy, and effort to figure out how to cobble everything together in Webflow, and end up making a site that’s pretty cool.

But at Edgar Allan, we’ve already done it for you.

Our responsibility as a Webflow agency is to not only ensure that after all the work is done that you get a top-notch website, but also to give you the tools and training needed to own your site. This one’s for the WordPress-weary: When your site is finished, you’ll have the knowledge and expertise to change copy, images, add pages, and more. (Need more convincing to switch from WordPress to Webflow? Read our article.)

Think of it like learning music theory. On a piano, all the notes are all in a straight, ascending/descending line; on a guitar, the notes are all over the place across the fretboard. Learning Webflow is more like the piano — much more straightforward than other platforms.

From adjusting content to adding pages, we can’t put a price on the reactions we receive when clients realize they actually can manage their own site. And we can’t wait to help you start your own Webflow journey.

Edgar Allan is a brand- and content-focused Webflow agency. Check out our blog to learn more about how we use Webflow to create awesome sites, plus more about our brand and project management strategy.

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