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Why hire a Webflow agency?

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Hiring a Webflow agency like Edgar Allan is key to unlocking the power of Webflow as a platform and a marketing tool. We’re here as guides, and above all, our job is to make sure your  Webflow website is built to bear fruit in the long run (and not age like a banana).

If we were to describe "What is Webflow?" in 20 words or less, it’s a visual content management system (CMS) that allows you to move quickly from idea to execution. But one question to consider if you’re just starting out with Webflow is: How do you make sure you’re moving quickly — in the right direction? The answer lies in the value of partnering with a Webflow agency, and the multifaceted, multi-talented team that comes with it.

How can working with a Webflow agency benefit you?

Since making the switch to Webflow almost a decade ago and becoming a dedicated Webflow agency, we’ve found that we can not only move faster with regard to moving ideas into reality, but also provide a higher quality end product for our clients, whether that means using Webflow templates or creating something completely custom.

This is mostly because a lot of time that would ordinarily have been spent in long development cycles with other platforms like WordPress can instead be applied to high-value adds for your Webflow website. But it’s also because we have an array of extraordinarily versatile skill sets at our disposal every single day. Our team is well-versed in everything from brand to content strategy, translations, and localizations to SEO optimization and accessibility.

These more complex functionalities might be considered add-ons for a hard-coded or otherwise-developed site that you might get from a single developer, or outside of scope from a designer working solo in Webflow. But with our Webflow-based agency model, we’re able to leverage your budget to incorporate the features you need and create a more lasting impact on the end product overall. As we say: Our goal is to help brands move from idea to execution faster. Webflow is crucial to making this possible.

If you still need convincing, here are a few more reasons why you should consider working with a Webflow agency on your next project.

How can a Webflow website work harder for you?

At Edgar Allan, we believe that building a Webflow website is not just about getting a new site; it’s really about getting your own set of ownable, imminently usable marketing tools. As a Webflow agency, we’ll make sure that these tools are configured to prioritize authoring so that you and your team can hit the ground running and start making updates as soon as literally just after launch. In more technical terms, this means setting up shared components and symbols in such a way that even the most non-technical author can jump in and really quickly make updates to existing pages, or even publish new ones!

How do we make your Webflow website a reality?

When you work with a Webflow agency, you also have access to a full team — and get the benefit of everyone’s professional experience. Said our favorite way: This isn’t our first rodeo! From maintaining best practices and ensuring accessibility standards are met, to taking deep audience needs and goals into account, you will be working with designers, content strategists, copywriters, brand strategists, researchers, and more to make your site come alive. It’s a concerted effort that brings together all the disciplines that make a digital experience really sing. 

How can a Webflow agency better support your new Webflow website?

With a Webflow agency comes Webflow support. At its most basic level, this is something we provide at every client handoff, but you can always opt for a more elaborate support contact moving forward. While we’re more engaged upfront as we introduce you to your new site, by the time we’re finished, our ultimate goal is for you to be able to confidently manage it all — and own your new marketing layer.

Overall, the flexibility of Webflow has allowed us as a Webflow agency to close the gap between when a client has an idea and how they want to execute it. Now hopefully your only question is: How can I get started?

As a content- and brand-focused Webflow agency, Edgar Allan is here to help make your Webflow website a reality.

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