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In 2021, the Edgar Allan team more than doubled in size, tripled our technology group with traditional and visual developers, and made some new friends in the no-code and Webflow worlds. We also went global, helped clients have great stories, and even launched a couple tiny product boats off the bow of our digital agency cruise ship.

One of the very best things we did in 2021 was expand our team outside of not just Atlanta but the U.S., starting up satellite pods of EA folks in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Johannesburg, South Africa. We’ve also got some new faces in Greenville, SC, Salt Lake City, Utah and Cleveland, OH, and are currently looking pretty much everywhere for the kindest, smartest Javascript Developers we can find.


We are looking for someone who is self-directed, hungry to continue learning their craft, commits code often, and works well with others. You should have some experience building modern Javascript applications with a framework like Vue or React.

We are focusing our search in our existing footprint of Buenos Aires, Johannesburg, Atlanta, and Salt Lake City, but we may be interested in working with you wherever you call home.

If you are interested in joining the team, please click here to connect.

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