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Finding a fit: A look at our organic hiring philosophy

Finding a Fit | Edgar Allan

Take a glimpse into our hiring philosophy, and how getting from applicant to employee starts long before you ever set foot in an interview. 

Like blind dates, the cut of a pair of jeans, or square pegs and round holes, there are certain areas of modern life that require a near-perfect fit to make it work. 

“Fit”, a big, buzzy term you’ll find littered across LinkedIn, is when who we are and what we do aligns seamlessly with a potential employer’s wants and needs. 

Without diminishing a human to a mere puzzle piece, every employer wants to find their Unicorn Hire™, or their perfect fit: one who vibes with the team dynamic, is hip to the office culture, perfectly matches with the overall growth needs, and naturally, is talented as all get out. 

At Edgar Allan, our philosophy on interviewing and hiring is very specific to our needs -- we’re a small and scrappy shop looking for people who are not only down to attack the challenges we face, but also relish them. People who are in it for the long haul, want to put in the time and work to make a connection with us, and understand EA’s eccentricities are part of our charisma.

We’re a small team of big thinkers.  We tend to view the prospect of adding to our group as something of a slow burn and as such, the interview process actually begins far before we ever meet face-to-face. An existing connection, micro-interactions on social media or at events around town, merely being familiar with our style, tone, and body of work – these are all actions that jog our memory when a juicy project comes up and we need some additional creative brains to power through it.

We don’t see hiring as a quick and dirty, algorithmic path that scans résumés and auto-matches LinkedIn skills with job description keywords.

It’s a connection, a cadence, an organically-grown bonding period that, by the end, is meant to make our studio and our shiny new prospect feel like old friends who can band together and take over the world. Lofty goals, sure, but when finding your “fit” is make-or-break in a highly collaborative industry, putting the time in and taking it slow always pays off.

Another facet of our hiring philosophy is the idea of developing and honing talent. The start of a book or portfolio that shows promise is an opportunity to create the contact and even give feedback. Whether it’s additional responsive web experience or written pieces for a more varied audience, we like to talk about growth, and think of ourselves as a teaching hospital.  We may recommend digging into other work to beef up the skills in a wheelhouse and to extend a creative conversation we’ve already begun. In this way, to us, a book that isn’t as well-rounded as it needs to be isn’t a disqualifier - it’s a ‘To Be Continued’.

It’s not easy to find a “fit”, as they say, for an agency as small and selective as we are. There’s something special about a candidate who understands the heart and soul of your business and is seeking more than just a day job. It’s a different way of life, a special calling, and a near-niche personality. Creating a longer, more holistic approach to finding and propagating talent helps uncover the right people at the right time so we can get back to what we all come to work for: tacos and good coffee. Kidding -- actually creating thoughtful and stirring experiences alongside people who share our passion for doing it.   

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