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Making use of optimized content while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of a brand

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A lot of brands and websites are moving away from “content-heavy” pages in order to give users a crisper experience while showcasing the brand in an aesthetically pleasing way. Removing written content in favor of the above approach comes at a cost to the SEO. But what if I told you your brand can have its cake and eat it too?

Hosting helpful, valuable content on your site is vital for rankings and organic search traffic but also for your brand messaging. Here at Edgar Allan, content, SEO, and brand combine forces instead of working in silos (or even worse; against each other) to provide clients with websites that have the best of all worlds.

With the rise of AI, experts predict that valuable, informative, and helpful content is going to become more important than ever to search engines. You can read more about that topic here: Quality over quantity: Navigating SEO and content structure in Google’s new landscape

Taking advantage of optimized content is a great way to increase organic traffic to your website from Google. This content can be in the form of a blog or content hosted on the pillar pages of a website like the Home, About Us, or FAQs pages. But this content can also be “hidden” so that the pages don’t look weighed down or cluttered by it. This is done by putting the content into a collapsible “drop-down” element on the page, so it is essentially hidden until it is clicked on and then displayed for the user. 

The beauty of this optimized content strategy is that the website gets all the SEO benefits of hosting copy on the page while also making sure the page looks great and is on brand. 

Other benefits of this strategy include:

  1. Empowering your users to be able to easily find and read that content if they choose to. It’s just a click away.
  2. Being able to include as much helpful information about your brand as possible without sacrificing the aesthetics of the page.
  3. An increase in rankings for targeted keywords and the brand term.
  4. Being able to keep users informed about services, values, deals, rewards programs, and any other important information about your brand.
  5. An increase in organic traffic and conversions.
  6. Google loves it and so do people. 

It isn’t always possible to have it all. But when it comes to being true to your brand, making sure you have a sleek, modern website, communicating effectively with clients, and optimizing your website for SEO, you can actually have it all.

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