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Brand naming: An expert how-to for newbies | With Juliet D'Ambrosio from Adrenaline

Edgar Allan | Blog | Brand Naming: The Ultimate Guide To Naming Your Brand

In this EA livestream, we have a deep dive on brand naming with two prolific women in the brand identity space. 

Chief Brand Officer at Adrenaline and with 20+ years in the branding space, Juliet D’Ambrosio has worked with some of the globe’s most notable brands, including Coca-Cola, Virgin, Samsung, the International Olympic Committee, Visa, and S&P Global. Juliet guides brand image, promise, design, and experience, to unleash the power of storytelling and culture for organizations of all sizes. She oversees brand and editorial strategy for Believe in Banking and is regularly tapped by industry trades for her branding expertise. Needless to say, Juliet and brand naming go together like strawberries and cream.

She is interviewed by our very own, Kendra Rainey, Edgar Allan’s  VP of Strategy & Content. Kendra is an expert storyteller, long-time educator, and has built and named brands for every kind of entity from single-person companies to Fortune 50 brands — and even entire countries.

This video covers topics from defining what a brand name is, to who is responsible for coming up with a brand name in an organization and the process to get there.

If you want to have further information about how to name your brand, check out our article, Brand Naming: The Ultimate Guide To Naming Your Brand.

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