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Understanding SEO for international clients: A conversation inside Edgar Allan

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Edgar Allan was recently asked what kind of SEO services we offer to clients who are international brands?

To answer this question, Kendra Rainey, Edgar Allan’s VP of Strategy and Content, hopped on a quick call with Edgar Allan’s in-house SEO specialist and writer Michael Ferguson. The two discussed what performing search engine optimizations for international brands looks like, as well as his previous experience working with brands from multiple different countries and languages. 

“I've got six years of experience working on the SEO for international brands based in Australia, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Japan, Mozambique, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Portugal, South Africa, the United States, Zambia and Zimbabwe,” says Michael.

Editor’s note: “That a lot of countries,” we thought (and felt really lucky to have him).

SEO: An international standard set by Google

The rules of Search Engine Optimization are set by Google and are an international standard. Keeping that in mind, if your brand has multiple websites across different countries the general best SEO practices will be the same across the board. All your sites will still need to load quickly, host strongly optimized content, and optimized metadata.

It all comes down to what language your brand is speaking

The only time it gets a bit tricky is when multiple languages are involved.

“If your brand has a Mozambican site, you're gonna be speaking Portuguese, but you won't just be speaking European Portuguese, you won't be speaking Brazilian Portuguese, and you won't be speaking Portuguese-Portuguese. You'll be speaking Mozambican Portuguese which is a completely different dialect,” says Michael.

Search terms in different regions and for different languages are also colloquial. This is important to be aware of as it will impact the keywords your brand will want to target and rank for in each region or country where it has a presence.

Watch the full discussion between Michael and Kendra here:

No matter where in the world it is based, if your brand is looking for Search Engine Optimization services, Edgar Allan might be your global go-to.

As a brand-to-build Webflow Agency, Edgar Allan offers clients a wide range of services that can help take your brand to the next level. Contact us and read the Edgar Allan blog for more posts on brand design, visual language and content development. 

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