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Form, function, and beauty: How Webflow agency Edgar Allan won the 2022 Webflow Award for Visual Aesthetic at Webflow Conf

Edgar Allan | Blog | 2022 Visual Aesthetic Webflow Award

When one of the world’s largest venture capital (VC) firms, Sequoia, came to us in need of a platform to help launch their Arc program, we viewed their request as a chance to push the visual limits in Webflow.

What we didn’t expect when we took on this project was that it would also win us the 2022 Webflow Award for Visual Aesthetic at this year’s Webflow Conf!

Adding value with Webflow in so many ways

Sequoia chose Edgar Allan for their project for a few reasons.

First, because of our experience in the VC space — so far we’ve worked with nine different groups, from Accel to Spark Capital and General Catalyst.

Second, because of our knowledge and expertise within Webflow.

And finally, because of our recently launched Knockout framework for Webflow, which would make it possible to get the project done in record time: just two weeks! And Knockout didn’t just help us build the site quickly — it also helped Sequoia’s design team accurately describe what they wanted, which cut down on back-and-forth and kept everyone on track.

Beyond building a site, we’re building a community

Arc helps seed-stage founders add value to their companies. Rather than going with a boring (and limited) form submission-style application, Sequoia wanted a dynamic, self-contained site to catch founders’ attention and make applying as streamlined as possible.

In the end we created a beautiful, functional form for founders, a project that lands somewhere between a Webflow microsite and an application. The collaborative, community-led nature of Webflow and the Webflow community is what makes it possible for teams like ours to continue pushing the web forward on projects like these. Whenever we have an issue, we can count on someone in the community who has experienced a similar challenge.

Thank you Webflow and Webflow Conf!

Receiving this Webflow Award affirms that just because a site may be smaller in scope, it still can be beautifully made, visually appealing, and a joy to use. 

The moral of this story? We are made better by our work, and our work is made better by Webflow.

Did you know that Edgar Allan also won Webflow’s 2022 Agency of the Year Award? Make sure to check out some of our latest projects, and contact us if you see yours being next!

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