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Spark Capital

Setting Spark apart from the pack

Edgar Allan | Case Studies | Spark Capital

Spark Capital is a venture capital firm based in San Francisco with a proud independent streak.

The firm has been around since 2005 and has distinguished themselves in the VC space by being a bit of a lone wolf — or a friendly hound, as depicted in their logo. But though they had that independent streak, that personality wasn’t coming through on their old website. They opted for a complete redesign and rebrand, made to showcase exactly what makes their firm different from the other VCs.

An integrated team

Pentagram (led by Partner Natasha Jen) created a new brand strategy and visual identity for Spark, while Edgar Allan was brought on board to make it come to life in digital channels, partnering with the NYC-based brand firm from project start to finish. Spark’s new brand — Unordinary VC — paired with a stark, type-led identity gave both teams room to explore subtle and sophisticated pops of color and delight, including animations that erupt from bold text on the site’s main pages, and hand-done type.

As the project progressed, the EA Content Design team was also tapped to help Spark rethink their knowledge leadership content, hosted on Medium. To pair with Pentagram’s “Unordinary” brand, we positioned Spark’s Content as “Unvarnished”: unfussy, unpretentious, and directly from the heart. We also redesigned the firm’s Medium mastheads, recategorized all content, and conceived of a content strategy designed to help the VC churn out more on-point and on-brand articles over time.

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