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Holiday gifting, the digital way

Holiday Gifting the Digital Way | Edgar Allan

We’ve done a “secret” holiday gift exchange at Edgar Allan each December since as long as I can remember. But, as we all know, holiday shopping and gifting has looked a little different since the pandemic began, whether it's because of limiting in-person gatherings, or supply chain issues and major shipping delays.

As a digital agency — and one that has embraced working remotely and has recently expanded our team to include employees across the country and the globe — we decided to go all in on our online nature and added an “all virtual gifts” caveat this year, circumventing distance and package delivery-related obstacles. It may have added its own layer of challenge to the hunt for the perfect present, but it also resulted in some of the most thoughtful and creative gifts we’ve seen yet (including some fantastic Figma-designed “unwrapping” experiences via Zoom screen-sharing). 

So procrastinators rejoice: If you’re still trying to figure out what to get for everyone on your list — without having to worry about days to ship — we’re sharing a list of the gifts our team gave.  

Consider it our gift to you. Happy holidays and happy gifting!

Annual ParkPass 

For the nature-loving photog whose creative inspiration is fueled from exploring the outdoors.  

Audubon Society Membership

For the bird-lover who wants to help protect local birds and their habitats — and is always looking for more excuses to break out the binoculars.

Barnes & Noble Gift Card

For the bookworm who likes the feel of paper in their hands.

Beekeepers Association Membership

For the environmentalist who wants a hands-on way to help (membership includes opportunities for hive inspection, swarm chasing and honey contests). 

Bitcoin or Ethereum Cryptocurrency

A worthy investment for crypto newbies and blockchain bros alike ($50 will net around .0011 Bitcoin or 0.01 Ethereum as of December 17, 2021). 

Blocks Magazine Subscription 

The preeminent monthly title for the Lego fan (whose builds look nothing like the ones you made as a kid). 

ClassPass Membership

Access to fitness studios and online classes for the sporadic gym goer who’s resolved to maintain a workout routine next year. 

Criterion Collection Streaming Subscription

Access to a seriously extensive and diverse library of movies — from the classics to the really obscure — for the cinephile.

Deliciously Ella Subscription

An app with hundreds of delicious recipes for the wellness enthusiast who wants to learn more about healthy baking. 

DIY NFT on OpenSea or Solana

A custom-designed non-fungible token for the tech-savvy (that holds more sentimental value than monetary). 

Gift Card to Local Boutique

Give the gift of an excuse to go shopping for the always on-trend Millennial with highly curated taste. 

Glassblowing Class

A unique art meets science and engineering experience for the one who likes to make things with their hands. 

Kindle Subscription

For the bookworm with an e-reader who’s always craving a new story to get lost in. 

Luigi’s Mansion 3 for Nintendo Switch

A kid-friendly, multiplayer game for the parent who wants to turn screen time into family fun time. 

Playstation Gift Card

For the Sony console gamer who spends their free time trying out the next new title on their list. 

Rabbit Rescue Donation 

For the animal adopter who cares deeply about supporting the work of local rescue organizations. 

Toyota LandCruiser Association Membership

For the one who’s always working on their SUV (includes a subscription to the Toyota Trails magazine).

Traveling Spoon Online Cooking Class

Private instruction with local chefs around the world for the home cook looking to expand their international cuisine repertoire. 

Vinyl Subscription

Give the gift of analog music listening for the audiophile with a record player. 

Winc Subscription

For the wine enthusiast looking to discover their new favorite varietals with recommendations tailored to their taste. 

Wondrium Subscription for Sewing

Online classes for the one who’s always wanted to learn how to make their own clothes.

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