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Digital designer life at Edgar Allan

Unveiling the Digital Designer Life at Edgar Allan: A Fresh Perspective from a Newcomer

Hey, I'm Ana, the newest member of Edgar Allan's design team. Hailing all the way from Belgrade, Serbia, I embarked on this exhilarating journey in September 2022. Since my mom is a journalist, I wanted to test those genes for witty wordplay, and give you an inside scoop on what it's like to be the fresh face at Edgar Allan. So buckle up, grab a virtual cup of coffee, and get ready for a journey through the twists and turns of this creative wonderland.

Getting my foot in the door

Picture this: juggling two jobs, surviving on caffeine and dreams of a balanced life. That's when I stumbled upon Edgar Allan. A friend of a friend mentioned they were on the lookout for a designer, and it was as if the stars aligned. Eager to trade my chaotic double-shift existence for a single professional haven, I hastily sent in my resume and portfolio, hoping for a shot at joining this creative powerhouse.

Surviving the onboarding rollercoaster

Let's be real – joining a new company is like stepping into a parallel universe where you must quickly decipher the hidden codes of office banter and navigate the mysterious realms of Slack channels. But fear not, fellow job hoppers. At Edgar Allan, they understand the woes of being a newbie, and their onboarding process is like a personalized survival guide. I got an onboarding list that reads like a treasure map, guiding me through the labyrinth of company protocols. And fear not, they've even arranged virtual meet-and-greets to introduce me to mine new comrades. It's like speed dating, but with colleagues. How thrilling!

Unleashing my inner design diva

Now, let's talk shop. What skills do you need to rock the Webflow agency world at Edgar Allan? Besides your typical mastery of graphic design and creating jaw-dropping visuals, you'll need that extra je ne sais quoi. It's the secret ingredient, the elusive X-factor — a pinch of web design finesse, a sprinkle of adaptability, and a generous dollop of collaboration magic. Trust me, when you've perfected this recipe, you'll become a force to be reckoned with in the industry. 

Here's a confession: before Edgar Allan, I hadn't delved much into designing for Webflow. Sure, I heard about it, but I was mostly doing designs for websites made in WordPress. But tackling Webflow wasn’t that hard at all. Thanks to a colleague's suggestion, I decided to take the ADPList free course on Webflow, and guess what? I now have a shiny certificate to flaunt my mastery.

Adventures in teamwork wonderland

Collaborating with the talented bunch at Edgar Allan has been a wild ride. Working alongside developers, project managers, content designers, and fellow creatives, I've discovered a world where teamwork is more than just a buzzword. It's a thrilling journey of weaving together diverse perspectives, like a digital tapestry of brilliance. And let's not forget the colorful characters I've encountered along the way. These folks are not just skilled professionals; they are fascinating souls with whom I’d love to share a cup of coffee (or five). It's like being part of a quirky clubhouse that spans the globe, united by shared interests and a hunger for knowledge. Together, we navigate the ever-evolving realm of web design, dipping our toes into the enigmatic waters of AI, and fearlessly pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Embracing personal connections

In the past, my personal life remained shrouded in mystery at work. I’m the type of person whose skin crawls every time I hear a company say: “We're like a family!” But here at Edgar Allan, the rules are different. We bond over more than just deadlines and design principles. I've come to appreciate the camaraderie within the team, where we exchange travel stories, celebrate personal milestones, and engage in lively banter. Finally, a workplace that understands the delicate art of balancing professionalism with a touch of personal connection.

A commitment to growth and excellence

Edgar Allan is not one to rest on our accomplishments. We're constantly pushing the boundaries, embracing new technologies, and seeking ways to enhance our craft. It's a place where innovation thrives, where we challenge ourselves to level up and deliver excellence to our clients. And let's be real, we all know there's room for improvement. Edgar Allan recognizes this too and constantly strives to elevate our game.


Joining Edgar Allan has been a breath of fresh air in my career journey. From the thoughtful onboarding process to the unique sense of camaraderie, it's a place where I instantly felt at ease. It's a sanctuary for designers who yearn to collaborate with kindred spirits, push boundaries, and continuously evolve. So, if you're seeking a workplace where your voice is heard, your growth is nurtured, and your unique sense of humor is celebrated, then Edgar Allan might just be your new design haven.

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