2022 Award Winner
Virta Health

Transforming how diabetes care is delivered

Virta is a digital health startup offering a unique treatment plan for type 2 diabetes with a focus on nutritional therapy rather than medications or surgery. We were brought in to help the company rebuild their static HTML website using a CMS, but moreover, to build a site that empowered their team to control its own content and easily make updates.
What we did
Webflow Build
“Working with Edgar Allan allowed us to feel more confident in our ability to move to this platform and do so in a way that scales for our enterprise.”
Garrett McCullough,
Mobile Engineer

Aligning purpose and platform

We started by helping Virta evaluate which content management system would be best suited to their core publishing needs. While their blog was already on WordPress, we learned that what they really wanted was to gain flexibility in their onboarding and customer engagement experiences, which can be complicated in their case; selling a treatment platform for a chronic illness takes a bit more consideration than most click-to-buy consumer product purchases… Together, we decided that Webflow was the right choice to provide the authoring power they desired.

Mapping it all out

A comprehensive site audit and content mapping became key for Virta’s site migration. We indexed all existing pages and logged each in an external work management system to track build progress because there were a lot of interdependencies among pages.

Rebuild meets results

From there, we paired with their in-house design team to understand their content elements, and then it was just about putting the design system puzzle together to create the new page layouts. The end result isn’t just a beautiful build, but one that Virta can author and control. And since we’ve rolled off the project, they’ve been managing brilliantly, maintaining a really clean class structure that has allowed them to scale and have confidence in making updates without it affecting the rest of the site. 

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