2023 Award Winner


Global Presence, Universal Cause

Edgar Allan | Case Study | Betterfly

Based in Chile with outposts all over South America and the U.S., Betterfly is an insurance, benefits, and employee engagement platform unlike any of the typical “walk a mile and get a coffeehouse gift card” corporate programs that most of us are familiar with. Rather than offer participants personal rewards, Betterfly turns hours of exercise into trees planted in decemated rainforests, healthy meals eaten into nutrition for underserved populations, and good deeds into dollars of protection for loved ones in the form of low-cost life insurance.

New stories, new growth

Insurtech is a booming sector, and after a few rounds of funding, the swiftly growing startup was looking for a new brand strategy, visual identity, and localized, multi-language website to unveil as they expanded into seven new markets around the world. We worked with them from start to finish – from brand to build – partnering closely with the company’s multi-national team throughout.

Our detailed discovery process uncovered a clear role for Betterfly to own in the lives of the businesses and workers it serves: As a multiplier of the collective effort of individuals to create better in the world. A tagline – “A Better You is at the Center of Everything” – and a bright and optimistic identity put polish on the strategy.

Supporting global reach and expansion

But the biggest challenge in this project was authoring for a global, distributed company with complex, page and component-by-component needs for translation and localization. Pricing and features of Betterfly’s offering differ country-by-country, so our UX and development teams were tasked with putting together what amounted to a three-dimensional, multi-language puzzle to ensure the experience aligned to local expectations and was accurate country to country.

Authoring, internationalization, and localization

To ensure Betterfly’s powerful messaging and benefits landed just right with audiences in eight Latin American, South American, and European countries, plus over a general global site, we worked with a combination of Weglot capabilities and Webflow attributes to build a seamless experience that flows smoothly from Ecuadorian Español to old-world Spanish de España.

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Managing across borders (typical capabilities)

This was a start-to-finish, brand-to-build project that stretched both our team and Webflow’s capabilities as we worked to solve the variety of localization challenges this complex, multilingual site - and globally dispersed client – demanded. EA’s multi-continent staff aided in the implementation as well, as we leveraged our talented designers and developers in Argentina and the U.S. to ensure cultural relevance and streamline communication.