2022 Award Winner


Brand refinement through social content creation

Edgar Allan | Case Studies | Brightwell

In the U.S. we take digital banking and cashless exchanges for granted, but in much of the world, cash is king, and saving is something that happens most often with a mattress and a sharp knife. Such is reality for most global cruise line workers – our fintech client Brightwell’s customers. We helped the startup inspire confidence in its customers through upbeat content and smart social strategy.

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Purpose-led. Human-centered. Dream-ready.

We started with a brand sprint to dig deeply into the “why” behind Brightwell’s role in global crew members’ financial lives. The resulting brand insight positioned the fintech startup as a candid, on-the-level advisor – more wise, cool aunt than techy financial expert. We also simplified a myriad of messaging down to one friendly core tenet: Brightwell exists to help global workers feel more connected to and in control of their money.

Taking social to the high seas

Scannable, easy-to-read articles aimed at crew came next, as did social media strategy designed to help Brightwell feel more a part of the crew-member family than a high-tech overlord. Working from crew interviews and an extensive audit of global workers’ social feeds, we determined themes that resonated and reflected real-life problems, then created content that addressed them, painting Brightwell as a partner in meeting financial goals far away from home. Finally, we washed it all in poppy, vivid color via just about the most fun shoot ever, with Atlanta photography studio Tropico.

Maritime metrics and the effect of empathy

It was a big goal for this project that we show impact on not just Brightwell’s marketing reach, but on crew member lives as well. Our first results came via streamlining the company’s communication with crew via Facebook. A clear set of escalation rules helped us answer common questions quickly and route bigger issues to the right person within the company for resolution. Users still ask questions, but far fewer are frustrated into flaming the company online. Next, we took the reins of the company’s social feeds. Within a month, Brightwell’s Instagram follower count and engagement shot skyward.