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Taking biotech from brand to build

Edgar Allan | Case Study | INVOcell

INVOcell’s alternative to traditional infertility treatments is unique: it’s cost-effective, minimally invasive, and uses a woman’s own body as an incubator rather than hosting developing embryos in an expensive lab environment. We knew that our approach to the biotech company’s web design, build, brand, and content needed to be unique as well.

When we first met the INVOcell, they had become newly independent from a larger entity and needed a whole new message – as well as their own website – to begin bringing their fertility product to the world…and they needed it fast.

With the clock ticking on the company’s separation from its parent organization, and a matter of weeks before their former website would be taken down permanently, we hustled to complete the work on an aggressively short timeline.

Setting the stage with brand messaging

While it’s not difficult to imagine a solid emotional connection with the INVOcell product, healthcare messaging is always a delicate thing. Via a series of interviews with patients, nurses, practitioners, and leaders in the fertility space, we crafted a clear, compelling story that both reflected the complex emotions of INVOcell’s prospective audience segments — patients and providers — and steered the company away from overstatement and undocumented claims. The result? The idea that the INVOcell revolution is about pure potential — human, future-focused, and celebratory. We gave the idea a line that says it all: Possible starts here.

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Creating connections with brand design

We found a sweet spot for INVOcell with a compassionate, optimistic verbal and visual tone — grounded and intelligent, but not austere or academic. Design refined and updated the company’s current look and feel, taking its warm, nested circle logo and expanding on the theme with a modern take on healthcare’s traditional greens and whites. We also added clean iconography and vibrant imagery that reflected the company’s dedication to diversity and inclusivity. 

Moving fast with Webflow

Throughout the course of just four months, we took INVOcell from idea through story, strategy, and build in Webflow, a quick turnaround made possible by a passionate client partner and a collaborative process. And now, with a fresh take on content and a new website, INVOcell is poised to spread its message of hope throughout the world, as well as grow and develop its brand.

When we began the project, INVOcell was only available in selected clinics in the U.S. Since launch, they’ve added locations in Mexico and opened three full-service INVOcell clinics designed around the needs of women on their fertility journey.