2022 Award Winner


Low exposure

Edgar Allan | Case Studies | Shootproof

ShootProof is a business solution for photographers that helps them with showcasing work, selling and shipping prints, contracts, invoicing, and more. When they came to Edgar Allan, they already had a successful product — they just wanted a website that could show photographers all they had to offer them.

Zooming out

Though it started out as a simple redesign project, our scope with ShootProof quickly broadened as we dug into the brand and determined exactly what was working — and what wasn’t. In the process of the website redesign, we realized that they didn’t just need a better platform to showcase their work — they also needed to clarify their brand and messaging. We worked from the ground up to organize and clarify their purpose so that they could grow in a clear, focused direction, which included creating new case studies and values for the company.

With the website redesign informed by the new ShootProof brand, we also conducted UX research through extensive site pathing, which informed how we organized their sales funnel on the site — a content design project through and through.

Picture perfect

ShootProof had a great product made by and for creatives, but without a declared purpose behind what they were doing and where they were going, they were unable to grow. With the new website and brand, they have been able to better showcase exactly what they have to offer to photographers, as well as shape their brand and product moving forward.