2023 Award Winner

Worldwide ERC

Helping the mobility industry move

Edgar Allan | Case Studies | Wordlwide ERC

Worldwide ERC is the global trade association for mobility professionals – HR folk who help corporate employees with the logistics and legalities of global relocation. They’ve been at it since 1964, but with drastic changes in both global politics and how work works in the 21st century, the Association needed a new strategy for serving its members. The online channel was a great place to start.

Decades of content

We were asked to create a responsive website that organized and simplified ERC’s 40-plus years of articles, dispatches, and reports, and conceive a content strategy that flipped the organization from disorganized filing cabinet to editorial content creation powerhouse organized around their members’ needs rather than the organization’s structure.

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Intuitive design, easy updatability

We conducted a 2000-plus page content audit. Rethought the site’s structure to serve the needs of multiple audience types. Created a streamlined visual identity with a warm palette, tiled layout, and strategic photography. Built everything on Webflow’s easy-to-use CMS so ERC could easily update their own content. And designed the experience to easily integrate with the third-party integrations they were using, from bespoke digital communities to off-the-shelf learning modules.

A four-fold traffic increase

The result is a site that looks more like a modern news outlet than a 50-year-old trade association, and a steady increase in site traffic since launch, including a dramatic uptick (from about 20k a month to more than 90k) as content propagated into search engines — all of it achieved without a single dollar of paid media spent.