2023 Award Winner

The Localist

Content design to low-code build

Edgar Allan | Case Studies | The Localist

Localist is an all-in-one event marketing platform for large organizations, built to make connection easier. They came to us with a couple problems: their product is kind of complicated, and they realized their website wasn’t doing a great job of communicating their value.

Setting the stage

Their product didn’t fall squarely into one category (event software? marketing service?), and then suddenly, their entire positioning was thrown into the air when the COVID-19 crisis moved everyone home — completely changing the events space.

We stepped in to help with a refined direction and a full rebrand and redesign.

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Working the crowd

We worked with Localist to completely reshape their brand, and in the process, we discovered that the audience they should be focusing on wasn’t just event planners, but also customer support people. And since COVID shook up the project right from the start — along with Localist’s core business model — we worked to keep the website and brand offering agile. Webflow worked to accomplish the former, and content design the latter.

UI components and branding

A new venue

Localist’s new website helps prospective users get a sense of how Localist could help shape their events through both improved design language and a stronger, more concise brand and positioning. We helped them articulate their value for both while all events are virtual and beyond, and with their Webflow site, future edits will be easy.