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Five reasons you should hire Edgar Allan to build your venture capital website

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Webflow agency Edgar Allan has learned a lot about venture, growth, and private equity as a direct result of bringing many of these sites from idea to execution. But with a lot more experience to be gained and a bunch more clients within these spaces to work with, here are five reasons why we’re cut out for the job.

1. Deep industry expertise

Yeah, we brought 11 VC websites to life over the past year — but these aren’t just notches in our proverbial belt. In being so deeply engaged with the VC, growth, and private equity spaces, we’ve gained tremendous insight to leverage for any other VC client who decides to work with us. We’ve gained a firmly rooted understanding of the industry at large as well as specific needs, expectations, goals, and what audiences need and want from the companies that operate in these verticals.

2. True storytelling acumen

We’ve learned that there are a lot of VCs out there. And with that realization comes a spotlight on just how important storytelling and diversification are within these competitive spaces. Every VC firm has a unique story to tell in order to be authentic, stand out to the right people, and succeed. It just so happens that Edgar Allan is a story-driven agency — it’s our strong suit. We enable VCs to find and own their story, figure out what makes them unique, and bring that to the frontlines of the digital experiences we create. Our team is adept at visual and written storytelling, passionate about finding a brand’s story, and telling it effectively through whatever medium they can in ways that not only meet your goals but also resonate with the audience whose attention you want to capture.

3. A real dream team

The Edgar Allan team is driven by an innate curiosity and passion for enabling clients to truly own their brands. No matter the size or scope of a project, we blend research, the right tools and people, and a whole bunch of skill to dive deep into a VC brand, figure out its innermost workings, and create excellent work that we’re proud to showcase.

4. From vision to victory

We’re a one-stop-shop agency, and no, that’s not just marketing speak. Our team takes VC firms from idea all the way to execution fully from brand and messaging to build and beyond. Our approach to projects enables:

Brand alignment: There isn’t much point to developing a brand if nothing that’s produced for it is aligned. It presents a disjointed and unfocused vibe that leads to confusion and a lack of identity. As brand specialists, we make sure to look at the whole picture and align absolutely anything we produce with it, calling back to your values, story, and differentiators in ways that fit together seamlessly.

Consistency: Having a tone and visual identity that’s consistent across every marketing channel you invest in is mission critical. Much like brand alignment, you want to present a united front to your audiences that is wholly unique to your brand. Not only to set your company apart, but to establish and maintain a clear vibe that fosters trust from your audience and establishes your brand as a leader in the field.

Cohesion: Story is everything. Not just to us, but to your audiences. An appreciation for good storytelling is hard-coded into human DNA and goes a long way to relating to users and setting you apart from your competitors. Every bit of story you can tell is additive to the overall narrative you spin and present to people coming to your site, from the macro, overarching story of your firm to the micro stories you tell through your portfolio. We figure out how all of that fits together cohesively and present it in a way that resonates. Our services are more than just checkboxes we include in project briefs — we treat each project like the unique expedition it is by truly listening to your needs and those of your audience, and adjusting our offering to suit them.

5. Beyond just websites

While brand-to-build Webflow projects are our bread and butter, there’s a lot more involved in the process than simply creating a beautiful website. Whether it’s finding new ways to present portfolio companies or stripping a site down to its barest basics to deliver impact, we’re unafraid to do what’s unconventional. In working with VC, growth, and private equity firms, our team has had to go beyond what’s probable and lean into what’s possible. For example, Sequoia’s Crucible Moments podcast page, which saw our team developing a dynamic and eye-catching podcast site. But that’s just one example of many. We’ve designed versatile blogs and animations for Summit, engaged in technical wizardry for Brighton Park Capital, and much more.

Edgar Allan’s industry knowledge, storytelling expertise, and unique approach to website development are clear examples of why you should choose to partner with us. Aside from all that, we’re super attuned to what users want and brands like yours expect, giving us an edge we apply to any deliverable we meet. Ready to start your own brand-to-build project for a new venture capital website? Let’s talk about it.

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